AN AWARD-WINNING Thomasian writer launched his first Filipino novel which he claimed “a timely contribution to the often erratic and unproductive field of Philippine long fiction” last July 15 at the UST Center for Creative Writing and Studies (UST-CCWS).

UST-CCWS senior associate Cirilo Bautista’s “Galaw ng Asoge” tackles the 1965 presidential election and its effects on the members of the Ortiz family, the protagonists in the story.

“(My latest novel) will change the direction of the Tagalog novel in the near future,” Bautista said.

Also an associate of the Bienvienido Santos Center for Creative Writing of the De La Salle University, Bautista has published 15 books of poetry, fiction and essay. He also won the Palanca Hall of Fame award in 2000 and 1st prize for his epic, “Sunlight on Broken Stones”, at the Centennial Literary Award in 1998.

“Galaw ng Asoge” is published by the UST Publishing House and is part of the University’s “400 books for UST’s 400th” project. C.D. Smith

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