IN UST, there’s money from junk.

With a University-wide garage sale last May 29 raising a hefty P200, 000, UST’s property custodians are planning a second auction, with money possibly going to the University’s various offices.

Newly-appointed property custodian Monalisa Perez said that money raised from the first University auction at the Engineering complex will be added to the general fund of the University.

“We were able to raise a considerable amount of money that would help us cover the cost of office operations and projects,” Perez told the Varsitarian.

“Small-time” dealers joined the auction for old and dysfunctional chairs and tables, as well as scrap metal and wood.

“There are some chairs that students no longer want to use due to severe damage. Those are the things that no longer have any value. But as long as the items can be used, we will not put them for auction because we go more for recycling,” she added.

Perez said there must be a big volume of “junk” items before the property custodian’s office holds another auction.

The Dominican community, the University administration, faculty, and students will be consulted first before deciding on which items to auction.

The Budget Office said it will split the money raised from the auction’s different offices in the University.

“We will pool the money from the first and second auctions before we decide on how to dispense it,” Ninia Calaca, Acting Director of the Budget Office, said.

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