IN RECOGNITION of her 50 years of service to the Thomasian community, a Faculty of Arts and Letters (AB) literature professor was conferred the title professor emeritus at the Thomas Aquinas Research Complex Auditorium last September 24.

Dr. Milagros Tanlayco was honored for her loyalty to UST, her commitment to instruction and her excellence in scholarship. The title is the highest honor the University accords on its professors.

According to Rector Fr. Tamerlane Lana, O.P., conferring on Tanlayco the prestigious honor was an easy choice.

“When the name of our distinguished honoree was presented to the Academic Senate as a candidate for the conferment of the title professor emeritus, there was not a single objection raised. There was not even much deliberation on her qualifications and worthiness. (There was) no hesitation from the body in giving the green signal to bestow the honor on her,” Fr. Lana said.

Tanlayco started teaching in UST at the age of 20 at the former Faculty of Philosophy and Letters (now AB).

Aside from teaching, Tanlayco also held administrative posts. She was the first faculty secretary of the College of Science in 1965 and of the Graduate School in 1972. She was also the executive secretary of the Oriental Religions and Cultures Institute from 1983 to 1993. From 1989 to 1995, while serving as the Department of Languages chair, Tanlayco was also the director of the UST Press (1992-1996). She was also the director of the Center for Intercultural Studies in 1995.

“Fifty years of practicing my profession in one institution is no joke. I could not have lasted if UST had not been like a second home to me. I would like to think that UST would not have allowed me to stay if the University did not believe I can live up to the ideals of (this institution),” Tanlayco said.

New departments created

Tanlayco said she still plans to continue teaching in UST. She would also continue writing and doing researches on literature for UST as long as the University needs her.

“But, I also plan to accept other offers. My term in AB will only last until this semester and until the second semester in the Graduate School. We’ll just wait and see,” she said.

Tanlayco’s conferment ceremony was well attended by the Academic Senate, the faculty, and the administration.

According to Fr. Lana, Tanlayco’s conferment affected not only her (Tanlayco) and the AB community, but also the whole Thomasian family.

“This ceremony brings encouragement for every Thomasian teacher who finds fulfillment on the task of teaching and whose dedicated service brings inspiration and creates lasting impression among the young people entrusted to our care,” said Fr. Lana.

To be conferred this title, a professor’s faculty colleagues send a petition to their dean, who will present it to the faculty council. Afterwards, the faculty council makes a recommendation to the Rector through the Academic Affairs Office. The Rector then presents it to the Council of Regents and the Academic Senate for the final approval. Elka Krystle R. Requinta


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