CATS may soon be clawing their way to computer games.

CyberPounce, a computer game designed for cats, may be the first software catering to animals, an Associated Press report said.

Los Angeles-based game designer Matt Wolf created this software, which features running mice, a buzzing fly, flapping birds, and a bubble-blowing fish which the cat players can prey on using a keyboard and mouse.

To sustain the cat’s attention, the programmers added lots of squeaky, chirping sounds and used random movement-generating software to make the onscreen critters move randomly, mimicking the real animals in movement.

According to Wolf, who runs his own start-up software company Double Twenty Productions, some problems encountered were the unpredictability of cats’ behavior and the short attention span of the cat subjects.

Software tests on more than a hundred cats made gamers play steadily for 10 minutes as compared with other cats’ normal playing time of a minute or less. Stephen Roy O. Chua-Rojas

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