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THE UNIVERSITY will lead a multi-sectoral movement to lobby for the abolition of the scandal-ridden Reserve Officers Training Corps when the 12th Congress opens on July 23.

The campaign came after hundreds of Thomasians led a nationwide weekly boycott of ROTC classes beginning last June 24.

To prevent the regular walkouts, UST officials urged angry cadets to instead ask Congress to repeal the law that established the student military program.

Humor me

School and travel do not make a pretty pair. Often they conflict and steal time from each other as they vie for your sole attention. And, typical of love triangles, you can’t help but concentrate on one because you can’t have both at the same time. Alertness is imperative because sooner or later the ignored party starts to get back at you. If it’s not a low quiz score, it’s mould on a good book. I am one person who would hate to see either of these.

“The game of houses”

READING the newspapers everyday can be toxic. Just looking at the headlines can cause a heavy feeling at the start of the day. It’s not only because the Abu Sayaff kidnappings have again filled the front pages of major dailies, but because there’s so much power struggle going on and nobody seems to be winning the struggle.

Isyung tissue at pagbabalik-sarili


Sa gitna ng pambubulabog ni Kadaffi Janjalani sa Kamindanawan, pagsisimula ng kasong “The People vs Joseph Ejercito Estrada” (aba, pelikulang epic proportion ang dating, ha.), at nakasusuyang tonong monotone ng Pangulong Macapagal sa telebisyon at radyo, mayroon at mayroon talagang “suwang” na mga isyu na biglang magiging usap-usapan.

Kagaya na lang marahil ng kahindik-hindik na reaksyon ng konseho ng Lungsod ng General Santos, Timog Cotabato, sa katawa-tawang TV ad ng Joy bathroom tissue.

Light and shadow

SOME words should not be left unsaid. Miscommunication breeds misinformation, misunderstanding, and mistrust.

* * *

Students are confused. Though UST released a very strong statement calling for the abolition of the Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC), freshmen and sophomore male students still found themselves enrolling in the course for this semester.

Educational ironies

“GROWTH that adds volume without improving productivity is FAT. Growth that diminishes productivity is CANCER.” - Peter F. Druker

Sadly but true, education remains a privilege in the Philippines. Many would have wanted to go to school or in such cases, continue, but because of the rising cost of education they can’t.

Excising a cancer

(Editor’s note: The following is the official statement of the University Belt Consortium on the anti-ROTC campaign.)

THE RESERVE Officers Training Corps (ROTC) program is supposed to realize the constitutional mandate to develop a strong civilian base to supplement the professional military in the nation’s defense system. Made compulsory for male students in colleges and universities, it is designed to initiate young men in the rudiments of soldiership, instilling in them discipline and correct deportment, like true officers and gentlemen.

Military honors slain ROTC whistleblower

THE CADET who started it all would have wanted to be there himself.

Mark Welson Chua, 19, a sophomore Mechanical Engineering student, would have wanted to stand in formation with the uniformed soldiers and render a perfect salute to the generals as he accepted his medal. Seeing his cherished dream come true, he would have been the happiest person alive.

Phones of the new generation

IMAGINE video-conferencing inside a taxi, watching clips from your favorite tele-novela inside the train, sending captured images of your Boracay adventure straight from the field to your friends in Manila or hearing your latest downloaded music from your cordless MP3.

All these will compose a package of new features, which will soon be available upon the release of the third generation mobile phones or 3G in the market.

Faster, easier Net service

INTERNET access in the University will now be faster as the UST Computer Center (USTCC) expands its bandwidth by going on broadband.