EAGER to insinuate itself to the lifestyle of young Thomasians, the Student Organization Coordinating Council (SOCC) has introduced a discount card that the SOCC leadership says will be honored by 400 establishments nationwide.

The SOCC Commemorative Card is exclusive to UST students and alumni and entitles the holder to a five to 20 percent discount in purchases.

Through the card, SOCC President Harry Uy hopes to market and improve the image of UST.

The card will also make more visible the SOCC which, like the Central Student Council, is hard-pressed to improve its public presence.

Uy said that the SOCC, the umbrella organization of all recognized organizations in the University, seeks to coordinate and help in the activities of its recognized members.

“Our role is basically to cater to the socio-cultural activities of the organization(s), especially the small organizations. It’s more of catering and offering them a venue for their talents. Sa SOCC nila napapakita kung anong mayroon sila.”

The SOCC held a “rave” party last Sept. 14 to announce the new school year. The party featured Thomasian bands and performers. Radio stations Rx 93.1 and 93.9 KC FM, TV station Studio 23 and the youth-oriented magazine Chalk of ABS-CBN Publishing covered the event.

Candidates from Ms. Philippines Beauty pageant also graced the party and modelled with UST male models.

The SOCC organizers gathered over 200 establishments to sponsor the event.

The highlight of the party was the launching of the SOCC Commemorative Card.

The card will give free access to all SOCC-sponsored activities like the Mr. and Ms. Thomasian Personality pageant.

The new jobless

The SOCC also launched its official website, www.ust.socc.org, to keep Thomasians informed about the activities of the SOCC.

UST students will also have the chance to join the Face of the Year competition and Mardi Gras, which opened its doors to all theatre guilds and organizations. SOCC is spearheading preparations for this year’s paskuhan and the university-wide contest Cheermania.

SOCC in cooperation with Carousel Productions, will also hold programs for the upcoming visit of the Ms. Earth International delegates. Fifty beautiful ladies from all over the world will pay a visit to Asia’s oldest University.

SOCC during Marcos era

SOCC’s beginnings can be traced back to 1972 after the Martial Law declaration.

Except for the Pax Romana, all organizations in UST, including the Central Board of Students (now Central Student Council), were not allowed to operate.

But after a few months, some cultural and academic organizations were allowed to operate. Student groups started to mushroom little by little and in 1975, there were already 35 regulated organizations recognized in UST.

The Office of the Student Affairs and Community Service realized the need to form a governing student body to represent the organizations. Two leadership training seminars were conducted for the leaders of the organizations. The idea of an umbrella organization was conceived.

Represented by their presidents, the groups formed a coordinating. Thus, the SOCC was born in 1975.


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