two security guards and a pedicab driver went beyond the line of duty to help collar a snatcher last April 21 along España Blvd. near the Millenium Gate.

Guards Joel Rolloque and Joel Plasencia heeded the call of Janic Cayetano, a resident of De Guzman St., Quiapo, Manila, after a snatcher took off with her necklace.

The thief was identified as Alex Villamin, 28, a scavenger who squatted around the perimeter walls of the University.

According to the report from the Office for Security Affairs, Cayetano was riding a jeepney and was on her way home when Villamin snatched her necklace.

Immediately, Cayetano cried for help and instantly caught the attention of an unidentified pedicab driver who was in the area. The driver went after Villamin who was running towards the direction of Rolloque and Plasencia.

At that time, Rolloque was assigned at the España pedestrian gate while Plasencia was designated at the Millenium Gate.

The pedicab driver then sought the help of Rolloque and Plasencia, who immediately responded and arrested Villamin. Villamin was later turned over to Police Station 4.

However, Cayetano’s necklace was not recovered as Villamin claimed he threw it away during the chase. Investigators are looking into the possibility of Villamin swallowing the necklace.

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