MANILA Archbishop Gaudencio Rosales has urged educators from the Catholic Education Association of the Philippines-National Capital Region (CEAP-NCR) to take up the mission of “integral evangelization.”

“The Church’s primary intent is evangelization through education. It is the stand of the Church, then, now, and in the future,” Archbishop Rosales told an audience composed mostly of educators from Catholic schools last Nov. 19 at the Thomas Aquinas Research Complex auditorium.

“You don’t ‘teach’ a class, you instruct and form individuals, in the same manner that the preacher does not preach, but inspires,” he added.

The participants later talked about how they could help in the Pondo ng Pinoy (PnP) Movement, a project of Archbishop Rosales which aims to collect 25 centavos from each willing Filipino to raise funds for the poor.

The participants agreed that any interested organization with the “capability to implement or manage projects, clear vision-mission goals, and with credibility with beneficiary community” are eligible to join the PnP. The participants can direct their collections to the depository banks of the PnP or to the PnP Community Foundation Inc. office.

As of October, the PnP has collected 3 million pesos, a third of the 10-million-peso target. A program of Caritas Manila, PnP aims to collect funds for livelihood, educational assistance, health programs, and housing projects for the poor. Lady Camille de Guia

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