FATHER Tamerlane Lana, O.P., in the final stretch of his second term as UST Rector, wants to focus on raising the Thomasian education standards and venturing into expansion and infrastructure projects before he leaves office next year.

Lana refers to the measures in making Vision 2011 possible. When Lana first assumed office in 1998, he launched the long-term plan that will aid the University to become “a center of academic excellence, a master in research in the sciences, and a leader of community development in Asia in 2011.”


Seven years after Lana’s reappointment as rector of the University, Lana is still in a battle against weak faculty profile and slow progress in research that threatens UST from achieving its milestone, when he told the Varsitarian that these are the weaknesses that he failed to address last year.

Lana wants to encourage the 42 per cent of the faculty to seek new learning opportunities through higher studies in order to combat the weaknesses of the academe.

“The culture has to be changed because our faculty is already used to the traditional mode of teaching,” he said. “And most of them would not desire to get higher degrees anymore.”

In addition, the Rector also eyes on enhancing computerization, which will aid in the delivery of lessons.

“Hopefully we can have at least one LCD for each classroom in every college in the University to facilitate instruction,” Lana said.

Computerization will also hasten bureaucratic processes in the University, as shown in the dramatic improvement of enrollment procedures every semester since its adoption in 2001, the Rector said.


UST Expansion projects

Lana has high hopes for Main Building and in front of the Education and Engineering Buildings, and the ongoing construction of the carpark and the Alfredo Velayo Building where the new College of Accountacy will be housed.

He also wants to start the construction of the Student Center and an open theater as soon as possible.

In line with UST’s quadricentennial celebration, Lana said in the opening mass that he has formed a Centennial Committee which will be in charge with the arrangements for the event. The formal preparations will be launched in the 400th death anniversary of Archbishop Miguel Benavides in July. Lana’s proposed gymnasium at the sports complex and the Alumni walk at the Benavides Park are also part of the planning.

Though pressed with time, Lana seems determined to achieve his plans —in full blow or not.

“The agenda of the institutional plan is what I have to do now because I m leaving the office,” Lana said. “I wish that the next rector would continue to attend to these very urgent matters. Marlene H. Elmenzo


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