The noise never ceases to bother you.

You hear it in the morning, as you open your eyes to face the new day that God has given you. You hear it as you walk, one step before the other, to wherever your feet bring you. You hear it as you sit down on your little corner and do what must be done. You hear it as you face the many people you have come to know. You hear it as you smile, or as you frown; as you laugh or as you sigh. You hear it at night, as you lie down and close your eyes.

Somehow, the noise never stops.

But then again, you realize that the noise comes not from outside, but from within. It comes from your weary, battered soul, and it resonates into your whole being. Sometimes, you can manage to live with it. Other times, you cannot. At times, you’d realize that everything is but a whirlpool of noise, a wild, furious rhapsody, and you, a mere note placed somewhere in the whole untidy symphony of the world.

A ceaseless dance. A draining symphony. A cursed melody.

Every day is a rumpus struggle; every step, a clatter.

How can you find all your scattered pieces? How can you hear your own voice, as you sink deeper and deeper into the sea of this everyday ruckus? Isn’t it so easy to just give in to the noise and completely lose yourself? It has never been easy to fight for what you believe is right, nor has it been easy to fight for your dreams. No matter how strong you try to be, there will always be strong winds that will come your way.

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But you fight, and you fight ‘til you win.

You’re strong, so you would never let anything get in your way. You will win every battle, and will keep on winning. You do not stop until you reach the top of the world, the pinnacle of existence. You can conquer the world, regardless of all obstacles. But look into your heart, dear friend, and listen to the wails of your soul.

Enough, it says.

Do you even know that you’re tired?

Stop for a while, my friend. Cease your struggling, for someone wants to be with you, if only for a while. Someone wants to wipe that sweat off your brow, and would gladly fight your battles for you, if only you would yield. Stop for a while, take a deep breath, close your eyes, and stay still.

Think, friend.

You are a man. A mere man.

Let go of everything, and for once, be honest with yourself, and realize that you are weak. You will realize that you are not that strong, after all. Not without the grace you’ve been taking for granted all along.

Be still, my friend. You are tiring yourself. Someone wants to take that burden from you, if only you’d let Him. Someone wants you to stop pretending to be strong, and to accept the strength that He bestows upon you. Someone wants to mend your broken heart. Someone wants to heal your weary soul.

Be still.


Who was it that pulled you up when you fell down? Who was it that wiped the tears from your face when you felt alone? Who was it that patted your back when you felt tired, giving you the courage to move on? Who was it that wiped the sweat from your brow when you pushed yourself too hard?

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Cease your struggle, tune out the noise.

And think.

Who was it?

He has always been there. We push Him away for we believe that we can manage to get by, without any help from Him. We have been so proud, so full of ourselves that we fail to remember that without His Grace, we are nothing. We forget that our strength comes not from anywhere else, but from Him.

He is our Lord. Our God. Our Father. Our Ruler. Our Friend. Our Everything.

Would you not accept Him into your heart, as I have, not so long ago? I have been one of those proud people. I claimed victory after victory, overcame struggle after struggle. I thought I was strong. Little did I know that it was He who gave me the strength.

I accepted Him. The noise ceased to bother me. And I felt free.

The world became so much more than a noise. It became a glorious masterpiece, and I—

I am a note, completing God’s beautiful symphony.

As you are.


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