SPORTS car owner and Legal Management student Gerry Abantas never bothered to get a car sticker for his sleek, turbo-charged, and all-leather interior Hyundai Tiburon.

“It’s useless to get a car sticker when there are few parking spaces available,” he said.

Abantas’ car was awarded the 2nd place in “Hautewheels,” the first UST car show sponsored by the College of Fine Arts and Design and Faculty of Arts and Letters last Feb. 3 at the Silvercity Automall in Pasig.

“It sometimes worries me to bring a car like mine to school everyday. But what’s the use of the car if you don’t use it?” he said.

Since the paypark’s student rates apply only after 12 noon, Abantas would go out in the afternoon from parking in the morning, and then drive back in again, so he could avail of the student discount.

If he doesn’t drive out, regular rates will apply throughout the day. When Abantas goes out at noon, the next five hours cost him only P20. If he parks in the morning, he will pay P25 in the first two hours, and P10 for every succeeding hour.

“When I have classes for the whole day, I would likely spend P95-P115 in parking rates if I don’t go out and come back in. When I do that, my parking goes down to about P65-P75 only,” he said.

Abantas suggested that the student rates should also be available for students before 12 noon, “Most students start their classes at 7 a.m., and this will make things easy since we need not bother to go out in the afternoon just to re-enter to avail of the student rates.”

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