IN THE WAKE of the recent spate of theft incidents at the multi-deck parking Bldg., Thomasians should be more cautious rather than be alarmed about security on campus.

UST Safety and Security Services (UST-SSS) detachment commander Clemente Dingayan advised Thomasians to be more vigilant in attending to their things.

“Anywhere in UST is still safe, even at the pay park building,” Dingayan said. “Nevertheless, students should not be complacent and rely heavily on the security guards.”

According to UST-SSS reports, there have been three reported theft incidents at the pay park building this semester including two this month.

Sophomore Arliza del Rosario from the College of Commerce almost lost her valuables to Melvin Adriano, 23, and driver of a visiting USTH patient last Jan. 11.

Del Rosario recovered her possessions with the help of UST security guards after her bag was stolen at Ningnang, a food stall on the ground floor of the pay parking at around 8:40 a.m.

“They caught him (Adriano) in about less than 30 minutes and in the act of throwing my bag from the second floor of the pay parking to the ground floor,” Del Rosario said.

Del Rosario, however, did not press charges against Adriano.

In the other incident, College of Education sophomore Cassey de Castro lost her P26,000 cellphone while eating at the Higher Ground Food Discovery stall, also at the pay-park bldg. ground floor at around 10 a.m. last Jan. 12. The cellphone was never recovered.

Dingayan urged Thomasians to pursue litigation in court against arrested suspects to deter criminality in campus.

Take that, ROTC

He also advised the owner of the food stalls to hire security guards. Edsel Van D.T. Dura and Kathleen T. Valle


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