MORE and more young people are committing suicide, according to an expert from the New York-based American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress in a seminar that tackled depression and suicide awareness.

“The increase of suicide incidents is very alarming and the victims are getting younger and younger,” Dr. Johnny Decatoria said in the seminar “Helping Clients with Depression.”

According to Decatoria, more young people are killing themselves because they are exposed to so many predicaments such as family problems, peer pressure and failures. Only a very few professionals could help them in coping with their crisis and depression, he added.

The seminar, held last June 27 to 29 at the Thomas Aquinas Research Center, sought to improve professional competence in detecting and identifying indicators of crisis and suicidal people, and implementing appropriate treatment approaches and interventions for depressed and suicidal clients. It emphasize that the best crisis strategy, involves combination of prevention and preparation, crisis management and crisis response.

“When these comprehensive components are in place, participants and organizations or institutions can responsibly assist the youth to reduce the potential psycho-social problems, to prevent further deterioration of behavior and most importantly, to save lives,” Decatoria said.

The seminar course was designed by the Center for Professional Development and Consultancy Services.

In attendance were guidance counselors, social workers, and priests. J. dL. Yamzon

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