FEBRUARY 2009 has featured paradoxical episodes, with each celebration having its own apparent purpose-defeating counterpart. But what intensifies these absurdities is that all these commemorations and festivities are directed not only toward one’s own welfare and recognition but also to his affairs with others – from those who are very special to him to the most distant person in his heart, who just the same deserves his kindness.

Among the prominent dates for the month is Valentine’s Day, which makes or breaks hopeless romantics. Everyone seems to be engrossed with the feel the season brings, giving unreasonably priced flowers, forwarding mushy messages, and asking someone for a date just not to be out-of-place.

I remember how a girl bought her own flowers at Dangwa before the day retired last year just to avoid mockery from her peers. Funny, yet this implies how the feast has turned out to be superficial, emphasizing the cheesy and the pretentious.

Definitely, this celebration has its good yields, but why the need to have a certain time allotment for love? Does it mean that one cannot exhibit love during other days, weeks, or months? True, once in a while, we must be reminded of compassion, but cannot we make that “while” everyday?

On more serious grounds, this little sentiment of mine does not stand at par with President Macapagal-Arroyo blatantly ignoring of the EDSA I Revolution anniversary. How can the leader of this country ignore the momentous event, which not only brought global prestige even for once to this land, but also brought Filipinos together as one? Or is your gesture a sign of guilt for being found wanting in measure against such a noble event, Madame President?

Road repairs near completion

February has been designated as the Prolife month, which to Prolife Philippines is really a celebration of human rights. So it conducted seminars to raise awareness on rights and their abuse and violation, especially by those who invoke their personal rights to violate the right of the unborn.

Incidentally, this month also highlighted events contrary to human rights, such as the protest march of the poor farmers of Central Luzon and Malacañang’s evasive answers regarding the fertilizer scam that misappropriated money meant for poor farmers by giving them to congressmen and lcoal officials before the 2004 elections. But considering their complicity in the fertilizer controversy, congressmen now want to add 50 more seats in the House of Representatives — so as to better spread the fertilizer largesse among themselves?

Compassion need not be boxed in a time frame. But with the bad rap from their unkind leaders, Filipinos must be reminded that compassion exists after all, and that it must be celebrated — against all cruel odds.


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