THE COLLEGE of Commerce will offer two new programs in Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA) this June – Marketing Management and Financial Management – following a Commission on Higher Education (Ched) directive requiring higher educational institutions to increase their business administration courses.

According to Ched Memorandum No. 39, a BSBA course should include five programs, namely Human Resource Development Management, Marketing Management, Financial Management, Operations Management and Business Economics, to rationalize undergraduate education in business administration. Ched envisions to produce globally competitive graduates who can meet the demands of the local and international business world. Schools offering business administration degrees are given three years to comply with the Ched order.

In the old curriculum, incoming juniors can choose from three Commerce major programs—Business Administration, Economics, and Entrepreneurship.

This school year, Commerce decided to offer only two of the five BSBA programs: Marketing Management and Financial Management.

Commerce Dean Helena Cabrera explained that the other programs will be offered only starting 2009 since Commerce’s curriculum and faculty are more geared toward the two programs.

“It would be difficult for the faculty to instantly adjust to the three other majors because the drafting of the syllabus for each major and the faculty development would take too much time to plan,” Cabrera said, adding that incoming Commerce juniors expressed preference for the two majors in a survey conducted last year.

Marketing Management will expose students to marketing techniques, while Financial Management will deal with sourcing funds for investments, Aquino said. V. A. B. Cabigao

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