OSA suspends accreditation of new student organizations 


The Office for Student Affairs (OSA) has suspended the accreditation of new student organizations in the University for the next academic year.

A source from OSA told the Varsitarian the reason for the suspension was to implement stricter policies on the recruitment of fraternities and organizations following the death of UST law freshman Horacio “Atio” Castillo III from hazing rites by the unrecognized Aegis Juris law fraternity.

Student Affairs Director Ma. Soccorro Guan Hing, however, said the specific details on the suspension would soon be issued.

OSA has also required organizations that were not accredited and were seeking recognition for Academic Year 2018 to 2019 to submit a letter explaining why they should be accredited.

In October of last year, a month after Civil Law freshman Atio died, the OSA conducted a University-wide seminar for organization advisers and student leaders on the Anti-hazing Law. It recommended a comprehensive review of the Student Handbook and the accreditation process for organizations.

According to the University Student Handbook, student organizations may be formed upon application for recognition with the OSA, which may be renewed every year upon compliance with renewal of requirements.


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