THE MOVIE adaptation of Dan Brown’s novel Da Vinci Code has caused quite a stir in Metro Manila that it does not deserve.

Ever since Brown’s novel hit the stands in 2003, the content of his book has been at the center of numerous debates. Now, it’s the movie’s turn to receive unwarranted attention.

Even if Brown claimed that the information in his book were based on existing documents, I find it amusing that some of the readers and moviegoers, who are Catholics and Christians at that, take Brown’s assertions as gospel truth.

I have not read the book in its entirety, but I have watched the movie. I do not wish to engage in further debate on the theological aspect of the book or the movie, but I would like to stress a point: since the storyline is FICTIONAL, there is no point arguing about the book and the movie.

Ever wondered why bookstores are selling Da Vinci Code under the fiction category?

Some things are better left and appreciated as they are. The book should be left alone as an interesting literary work. In like manner, the movie should just be considered as pure entertainment.


Religion is a question of faith. I went inside the movie house a Catholic and left a Catholic.

I never questioned the doctrines of my religion even while I was watching the movie or even after. To do so is silly. As I have said, the storyline is fictional.


As May 31 approaches, the Varsitarian Vol. 78 nears its close as well.

It is certainly very difficult to encapsulate all the gratitude I have for the publication and the people behind it not only for making me a better writer, but also for molding me into a better person. To the 150 staff members (including three editors in chief), two publications advisers, and three working scholars I worked with in the four school years—two as a Legal Management student and two as a Law student—that I spent with the publication, I can only say “thank you.” It has been a pleasure to have worked with you.

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The truckload of memories I’m taking with me as I leave the Varsitarian are indeed priceless. It has truly been a wonderful experience.


“Once a ‘V’ staffer, always a ‘V’ staffer!”


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