RECTOR FR. Tamerlane Lana urged UST Alumni Association (USTAA) officers and board members to focus on uniting UST alumni in preparation for the University’s celebration in 2011 at the Thomas Aquinas Research Center last June 10.

“The best articulation of the role of the alumni in the celebration in 2011 would come not from the ideas of the committee, but from the ideas of all the alumni whom you represent,” Fr. Lana said.

In line with the University’s quadricentennial celebraton in 2011, The Public and Alumni Affairs Office (PAAO) discussed the overview of its plans which include gathering all of UST alumni at the Arch of the Centuries and a walk on red carpet toward the Main Bldg.

PAAO recently uploaded an online alumni survey in the UST homepage.

PAAO has also launched the Thomasian Courier, a magazine for the UST Alumni, on June 18. Edsel Van d.T. Dura

The irrelevance of time


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