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The UST Central Student Council (CSC) will file a case against the band manager of South Border for allegedly humiliating the Council during its benefit concert Livre last Nov. 26 at the UST Grandstand.

According to CSC president Xialameer Valdeavilla, band manager Sharon Inductivo announced at the concert that South Border will not be playing due to the “non-payment of the talent fee and irresponsible event organizers.”

Valdeavilla said Inductivo should not have made the announcement because it was an internal matter. She added that the events coordinator is the one responsible for the “miscommunication” with the band and not the CSC.

The events coordinator is a private group that served as the negotiator between performing bands and the student council.

On the other hand, Inductivo’s site is also contemplating on filing a case against Valdeavilla and company.

“Kami nga ang dapat mag-file ng case dahil kami yung hindi nabayaran. It’s just a small thing. Nakakatawa lang sila,” Inductivo told the Varsitarian in a phone interview.

During the concert, Valdeavilla said Inductivo demanded that P100,000 talent fee be paid before the band performs. However, CSC was not able to pay the amount. Instead, Valdeavilla executed a promissory note.

She added that in their memorandum of agreement with the band, South Border should be in an air-conditioned room separate from other bands and should be served with seafood only. Moreover, Valdeavilla said the agreement states that whether the band performs or not, the organizers would have to pay the full talent fee

“We have given them the best that we could offer. Halos naka-reserve na nga yung buong Beato Angelico Building para lang sa kanila tapos ganun pa yung treatment nila sa amin. Magbabayad naman kami, pero hindi naman dapat umabot pa sa ganun,” Valdeavilla said.

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Despite the non-performance of South Border, Valdeavilla said the council will still give the band its talent fee as provided as per the agreement. Ma. Cristina S. Lavapie


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