UNIVERSITY officials are hopeful that with the redesigned drainage system, incidents of heavy flooding will be lessened.

The new design, an open drainage system, the same type found in the Thomas Aquinas Research Complex (TARC), is now under construction along Quezon Drive. The project is expected to be finished on or before June 10, the official start of classes.

Engr. Lawrence Pangan, Buildings and Grounds in-house civil engineer and project head, said the system would not totally solve the flooding problem in the campus but mitigate it since UST is on a low area.

In addition, Vice Rector for Finance Fr. Roberto Pinto, O.P., said an open drainage system can be better maintained because it reduces clogging due to its filtering effect.

However, Fr. Pinto said that the flooding problem lies outside of the University.

“Ang problema kasi ng baha ay wala naman sa atin, nasa labas. Kapag napuno na sa labas, wala na tayong magawa pero ‘yung flow of water natin dito sa loob bibilis ang takbo,” he said.

Furthermore, Pangan said the administration is planning more open drainage systems but this would depend on the availability of funds. Ma. Cristina S. Lavapie

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