THE UNIVERSITY will implement a no-smoking policy on campus starting in the new school year.

In an interview with the Varsitarian, Health Service director Dr. William Olalia said the policy will be strictly implemented and sanctions will be given to offenders, whether students, professors or outsiders.

”They (officials) will start the non-smoking policy not only in the buildings but in the whole campus,” he said.

The Office of Secretary General will be coming out with the specific guidelines before June 10, the official start of the school year.

However, there were mixed reactions regarding the new policy.

“Very supportive ako diyan. Kasi kapag may usok, hindi ako makahinga,” said Kathleen Santiago, a UST High School student.

On the other hand, UST Faculty of Civil Law Prof. Gregorio Fernandez said there should be a smoking area since both smokers and non-smokers have equal rights.

The Board of Directors met last March 22 and decided to make the whole university a smoke-free campus, making it the first in the country, he added.

Flyers are now being given at the gates of the university to raise the level of awareness of students and even outsiders.

While cigarette vendors around the campus will not be subject to the policy, university officials assured that smoking inside the campus would not be tolerated.

Meanwhile, student organizations have been tasked to help disseminate the information and implement the policy. Ma. Cristina S. Lavapie and Jennifer B. Fortuno with a report from Teodoro Lorenzo A. Fernandez

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