THE FALL each one of us undergoes is but a normal process. Unlike the ROTC, no one is exempted from it. Perfection is only for the gods, but for us humans, flaws, failures and mistakes are all part of the world we, fortunately or unfortunately, live in.

However, there is one thing that separates us from one another.

Among all those who failed, some have recovered, some have not.

Attitude towards these failures is what makes the difference.

There are those who, after experiencing the harsh realities of life, moved on and learned from their mistakes. They treat their fall as a phase everybody experiences. They grow stronger and better with every fall. Growing means learning, and learning means knowing and understanding every situation. Acceptance is essential for development. I’d like to call these creatures’ fighters and winners.

Winners do not necessary mean that you win in every battle. Getting the most out of every experience is what counts. Even if you don’t get the conventional victory, you can achieve victory in other.

According to Ms. Appacionata and Ms. Bare Necessities, accepting defeat is also a form of winning. My cousin Marisse, on the other hand, thinks that losers are the men who don’t treat women right. My Sports’ buddy Dexter sees losers as those who are happy in the failure of others, while Christian views all pathethic persons as losers.

And lastly, I have to agree with my friend Darrell who views losers as those who do not recover and stand up after a fall. Because, failure is not the end, it’s only a pause, a rest, so that life would be balanced. After all, how would you appreciate the sweet parts of life, if you don’t know the taste of something bitter?

Isang oasis sa UST Main Bldg.

* * *

The Journalism Society has risen from dormancy and now stands above the rest of the organizations not only in AB, but even the whole university. But it could not do so without the hassles and pains along the way.

After weathering the storms of the pathetic political trends in AB, the Journ Soc faced yet another test in the conflict with none other than the umbrella organization of all organizations in UST — the Student Organization Coordinating Council (SOCC).

The story has been told over and over (but if you do know it yet, you can see the story on page 2). SOCC president Harry Uy had promised to publicly apologize and pay the damages only to backtrack later, saying the matters would have to be discussed with the SOCC board. Apparently, Uy was complaining that the society had sensationalized the issue. So, is he a man of his word?

But Mr. President, don’t you think the society’s members are only practicing their freedom of expression, They are merely opening up their feelings about the incident. And they have a right to express their feelings since they are the aggrieved.

To be sure, even if the society apologizes and pays for the damages, it won’t bring back the things lost.

* * *

Losers are those who keeps on looking at other’s faults while not seeing the bigger shortcomings of his own.

Losers are those who do not admit their mistakes and instead blame other persons.

Losers are those who are contented in winning an artificial victory, the easy way and not the right way.

Bishops laud proposal to abolish death penalty

* * *

University of the Philippines ran away with the gold medal in men’s table tennis, while UST undeniably is the women’s champion.

I went to the UST gym to cover the game on that Monday morning but was instead greeted by mourning UST players. There was supposed to be a playoff match in the men’s and women’s Table Tennis, but UP went to the technical committee to cop the crown.

“ Malungkot ‘yung mga bata, gusto talaga nilang mag-champion ngayong taon, kaso hindi sila binigyan ng pagkakataon,” said a dejected UST coach Henberd Ortalla.

It is quite fascinating that UP was contented in snaring the crown in the board room rather than in the playing court. I hope that they cherish that victory.


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