Updated- May 13, 11 p.m.-UST ROSE to No. 101 in the ranking of Asia’s top 200 universities for 2010, breezing past De La Salle University from 144th place last year.

London-based consultancy Quacquarelli Symonds or QS.com placed UST above De La Salle University-Manila, which landed on 106th place, but behind Ateneo de Manila (58th) and state-run University of the Philippines (78th).

UST tied with Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology of Japan, and Prince of Songkla University of Thailand. University of Hong Kong is still No. 1 on the annual listing.

Last year, UST trailed behind the three Philippine universities with UP at the 63rd spot, Ateneo at 86th, and La Salle at 76th.

QS.com cited, among others, the University’s consistent topping of national board exams, the declaration of campus sites as “National Cultural Treasures,” and the number of renowned Thomasian alumni in various fields.

UST dropped out in the earlier listing of the world’s top 500 universities by Times Higher Education-Quacquarelli Symonds or THE-QS.

The Asian survey has a different criteria from the THE-QS listing. There was less weight on Academic Peer Review (from 40 percent to 30 percent) and a new criteria on papers per faculty and citations per paper (15 percent each).

It also took into account inbound and outbound exchange students (2.5 percent each), international students enrolled in universities (5 percent), international faculty (5 percent), student-faculty ratio (20 percent), and a review by Asian employers (10 percent). Jilly Anne A. Bulauan


  1. “QS.com cited, among others, the University’s consistent topping of national board exams, the declaration of campus sites as “National Cultural Treasures,” and the number of renowned Thomasian alumni in various fields.”

    This statement is from QS.com. BUT its source is from UST itself.

    Poor citation. Very misleading, self-satisfying, circular argument

  2. Naks, kasama na tayo sa Big 3! Haha, asa pa mga dugyot diyan haha. Pagbigyan niyo man lang kami kahit ngayon taon na ito, lagi na lang kayo nandiyan sa tuktok.

  3. I could hardly believe that comments like the one issued below by a certain Eldric Paul Peredo should be given space in this space. It’s so uncouth and reflects the kind of attitude he has about UST. If that is not insecurity then I don’t know what is. It’s just plain unfair to be mean to anyone or anything, especially if the one being persecuted does not have the capacity to demean one’self just to get back at his or its attackers. Talagang naglipana na ang arrogance sa mundong ito these days it seems. Dear Thomasians, wag niyong gayahin ang mga ganito for these are not how you are brought up by your parents nor by your school.

    • I guess you’re not an avid reader of the Varsitarian, and it seems that you don’t know who Eldric Paul Peredo is. If you do, you’ll understand why he said it so, and why he had the guts to say that. Haha.

    • You don’t know the guy. He is a Thomasian to his barest bones. The problem with other people is that they tend to talk like do-gooding individuals to the point of sounding hypocritical and pretentious. The guy knows what he’s talking about, having navigated through the administrative entrails of the University as a student leader and achiever, and once a professor. You may want to sit down with this guy sometime to get my point. Context, anyone?

  4. I am happy with the QS Asian survey this year because UST jumped very high from 144th place last year. I am not sure if the 10% decrease in the Academic Peer Review made a big significant effect (I am not a Math whiz), but I am sure that UST improved a lot in research and student performance. Maybe the Varsitarian succeeded with its special reports on THE and QS university rankings since 2006, Thomasians were really alerted and exerted more effort (all stakeholders). Congratulations fellow Thomasians. Hopefully, the next THE Top 500 ranking will finally include UST in the higher places.

    For non-Thomasians, it does not matter what school improved or slipped down in the surveys. Become satisfied if your school still appears on the ranking. So instead of posting ignorant and arrogant comments against UST (or other universities), let us be happy for everybody but at the same time express empathy because nothing changed in other’s perception on the Philippine HE is: still UP, ADMU, DLSU and UST persists as top schools; while the remaining thousands of SUCs and PUCs are still left behind, and others continue to deteriorate.


    • TAMAAAA…!! In fact pare pareho kayong Roman Catholic Universities! Hindi kayo magkakalaban! remember pare-pareho kayong magagaling OK!! Ang kalaban natin ay ang mga lumalaban sa Simbahang Katoliko like INC, Dating Daan, Protestantism at mga Kultong nagsisilitawan ngayon! We’re one in FAITH!! Please Stop any unhealthy Competitions ok!!

      • Hindi ka ba kinikilabutan sa mga pinagsasabi mo? Kaya lalong nagkakaroon ng hidwaan among people with different religions kasi iniisip ng tao na dominant ang Catholics over the others (in numbers, yes). You are self-contradicting when you said “stop any unhealthy competions” because you just did one with “Ang kalaban natin ay ang mga lumalaban sa Simbahang Katoliko like INC, Dating Daan, Protestantism at mga Kultong nagsisilitawan ngayon!” The Church never said na kalaban nito ang mga binanggit mo!

  5. (nag-iingat sa pagrephrase, pero akala gets na kasi)

    [Congrats Uste dahil umangat ka, ang galing-galing mo at kailangan kang purihin.] Lalabas din ang totoo [na ikaw ang pangunahing pamantasan dito sa Pilipinas], balang araw. [Humalakhak na lang tayo bilang pagbubunyi:] harharhar!…


  6. i do not care how high UST ranks but still… wrong citation. that is the point. being bullied and all (as if you were) does not give credence for one to make a wrong point right. and that is all

  7. I may have made a serious mistake citing Eldric Paul Peredo as having bashed the school in the past. I guess I may have misread that one statement I came across the forum before and mistook his name for the guy who was truly responsible for the arrogant comment about UST. I am happy that someone corrected me. My apologies Eldric. Whoever wrote or made the irresponsible remark on our school, sana manigas sya at di na mka recover. Lol. I know eldric will accept m apology because fellow Thomasians are known for being understanding, humble, and kind especially for honest mistakes like mine. Take care and mabuhay tayong lahat.

  8. lahat ng eskwelahan na nais maisali sa survey na iyan ay nagsu-sumite ng profile. e kung mapili ka at ma-rank, di malayong yung profile na isinumite mo ang isa-cite. at saka totoo naman kasi. sus. jarjarjarjar!

  9. Hello, wala namang basehan yang ranking na yan at kahit pa mag number 1 ang UST , wala namang maniniwala . Hello, sa dami nyo dyan sa espana. Hindi nyo ba napansin, 4 times bigger ang population nyo sa papulasyon ng Ateneo at La Salle?

    • una sa lahat, bakit ka hello nang hello?
      pangalawa, bakit galit na galit ka sa ust?
      bumagsak ka ba sa ustet?
      at ano naman kung malaki ang POPULASYON [oo, mali ang spelling mo] ng ust? aanhin ng mga thomasians ang malaking campus kung aalog-alog sila roon? naisip mo ba iyon?
      at kung may alam ka talaga, malalaman mo base sa datos ng PRC na ust ang pinakamaraming napo-produce na professionals.
      so at least, may halaga ang malaking populasyon ng ust.

      magbasa ka kasi para may alam ka 🙂

      • yung nagcomment ng 1001 in the world.
        the thesqs results has been a big deal for these universities for the past 4 or 5 years…hanggang ngayon di niya p rin alam ang mga nangyayari.
        only 4 universities from the philippines are consistently recognised in the list of thes qs. thes qs is monitored by the biggest ivy leagues in the world like harvard, oxford, MIT, princeton, yale….UST has placed 4th overall in the philippines all the time except for last year’s ranking where UST ranked 3rd(!) ahead of DLSU. big deal talaga yan kasi there was a time also when DLSU ranked higher than ATENEO and DLSU made a big deal out of it – even to the point of creating a banner in their UAAP basketball match against ATENEO..just to rub it in that they ranked higher….kaya ngayon sa mga bitter diyan na taga DLSU, pasensya mas mataas ang ranking ng UST sa inyo this year. and deservedly so, because UST has performed better than DLSU in almost all board exams in the philippines. maswerte kayo you ranked higher than UST for the past few years dahil sa elitist mentality ng mga ‘peers’ na hinihingan ng survey opinions..but objectively, UST has outperformed DLSU in so many ways over the years….

        • SD

          DLSU never participated in these surveys. Nabasa ko sa website nila yung message ng Chancellor saying that DLSU has never participated in any survey for the past years. Eto yung link. http://www.dlsu.edu.ph/offices/chancellor/announcements/default.asp

          Yung sa DLSU ADMU game naman, ganun naman sila palagi. Di ba kapag game naman natin with FEU and panalo tayo, minsan medyo mayabang pa ang dating natin?

          Also, dont assume na elitist sila. Oo mayaman sila pero it does not necessarily mean na hindi sila matatalino. You also say “OBJECTIVELY”, give us the facts.

    • Are you sure that no one would believe that UST is a top university in Asia and in the world? Would you please have respect and rationality. Have you ever been a Thomasian? And what is the connection of quality of education to student population? Does the latter affect education significANTLY?

    • Buti na lang malaki ang population ng UST otherwise do ako na admit sa pinaka sikat na catholic university in Asia and the Pacific. Viva Santo Tomas !!!!

    • Are you sure that this has no basis? Your comment doesn’t make any sense at all. Have some class and act like you’re educated.

    • Are you sure that this has no basis? Your comment doesn’t make any sense at all. Have some class and act like you’re educated.

  10. Still UST is under top 4 University in the Philippines. Like any other populous university na malaki rin ang populasyon puro pangyuyurak lang naman ang alam. Happy 400 years of unending grace 🙂

    • Iho/iha, UST has been included in the top 500 universities of the world for the past 4 or 5 years. And so are UP, ADMU, and DLSU. Exaggerated and 1001st mo.

  11. Congratulations! dear UST.
    I am so proud to know that UST topped at 101st place at the “Top 200 Universities”. I wish that every school year UST is in the “Top Universities Of The Philippines” UST ranked 4th place. But despite of those things, for us, Thomasians, UST is stilll no.1. :))

  12. Hello and Congratulations to all Thomasians and to my beloved school before i transferred, Santo Tomas in Manila as what my office mates would call it. Wag niyo na pansinin lahat ng insecure sa UST since wala nmn silang magagwa coz we are truly blessed dahil di tayo mapagbuhat ng bangko tulad ng ibang schools na feeling nilang junk ang USTe. Speaking of International Wala sa ranking yan, besides FYI when you go out of the country especially here in the US or in London. They know the quality UST grads bring. As a matter of fact I’m not stereotyping but I was surprised to know through my longevity here that most employed architects, engineers and any in the design field here come From UST (not to bash) then Mapua and UP. Siguro nga kasi dahil “mass produced” daw tayo. lets’s not take it negative, isipin niyo it is only evident na Hindi lang Quantity production ang namaster ng UST , pati Quality, who would have known that you could integrate both of those factors. Thomasians are doing well here so I would assume all over the world there are outstanding graduates, One of the principals here is also Thomasian midast the diverse work force from harvard, Princeton, name it. So I think we are doing well, very very well,especially the training in UST. may you all be inspired. student number 2006-00***2. and yes Im not old hehehe.


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