THE STORAGE area of the Laboratory Equipment and Supplies Office (LESO) was evaluated last July 22 to check if it meets police safety requirements.

“[It’s a] test if UST conforms to Philippine National Police (PNP) standards of having a secure and safe storage facility,” said Ross Vasquez, LESO administrator.

The Explosive Fire Arm Law of the Philippines requires certificate permits for a school to buy explosive ingredients (usually nitrates and chlorides) for academic purposes. Without the permit, UST cannot buy, possess, or deal with distributors.

Out of PNP’s 58 listed nitrates, 22 are used in UST for courses such as general Chemistry and organic chemistry.

LESO regulates restricted chemicals within UST.

Other schools who have obtained the certificate are University of the Philippines, Ateneo de Manila University, De La Salle University, and Centro Escolar University.

The certificate will make LESO transactions “legal and in accordance with the law.”

Vicente Hermosa, of the PNP Fire and Explosive Division and who evaluated the site, and Vasquez pointed out that the stricter implementation [of obtaining the certificate] was due to the fire caused by chemicals in the University of the Philippines last June 5 and PNP’s objective to strengthen its Fire and Explosives Department. Kalaine Nikka Kay C. Grafil

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