THE GROWING number of youth engaging in pre-marital sex can be addressed by “transformation of the heart and not the annihilation of sensual desires,” a sought-after international chastity speaker said.

Speaking to thousands of attendees, mostly teenagers, at the SMX Convention Center last February 27, Jason Evert also said curbing corruption, not a controversial bill earmarking billions of pesos for contraceptives, would solve the problem of poverty in the Philippines.

“The solution is transformation of the heart, not the annihilation of sensual desires,” Evert said.

Evert lamented that men have been “lied” to on what is to be a man, while girls have failed to show what real beauty is.

“The guys sitting next to you, (girls), had been lied [to on] what it means to be a man. If you have sex with girls, you’re going to be a man,” said Evert.

“Real beauty isn’t shown to you (girls),” he added, pointing to how the media have destroyed the concept of real beauty. “A girl, who desires to look pretty, looks at the Seventeen magazine, thinking, ‘If I look like that I’ll meet a nice guy.’”

If a man loves a woman, he won’t ask for sex in the first place, and if a woman loves a man, she won’t give it easily, he said.

“Real love brings you closer to everybody who loves you. If you love him, you can’t give what he wants for free,” Evert said. “If you know that he loves you, he can’t be asking for it in the first place. It is wanting heaven for the woman you love.”

For IDentification Purposes

He told girls to dress modestly.

“You could take seriously a woman if she doesn’t use her body to get a man. You girls will never be able to lift a boy from dignity until you first convince yourself,” Evert said.

Fortify politicians with prayers

Evert also stressed that “fertility is a gift” and “safe sex is false.”

There are only two strategies to avoid sexually transmitted diseases (STD). One is abstinence and the other is choosing a partner without an STD, he said.

Birth control pills, he noted, contain Depo-Provera, a drug that even veterinarians refuse to give to dogs.

In the forum, Evert said the Reproductive Health bill pending in Congress would not reduce poverty, adding that the solution was to get rid of corruption to free up resources for the poor.

Filipinos should pray for lawmakers, he said. “If you push them away, the Reproductive Health bill will come back under a different name. Fortify your politicians with prayer. Pray that their hearts might be open for the truth,” Evert said. “The Philippines, in my opinion, is a global leader when it comes to this stuff.”


Evert told the crowd how his wife, Crystalina, was herself transformed by a chastity talk. Crystalina, who lost her virginity in high school, later on turned down invitations from insincere lovers and began to write stacks of letters for her “future husband.”

“Why do you think I know all of this stuff? Because that girl, she’s the girl that gave me every single letter in our honeymoon, when I married her, my wife,” he said.

Election-related shows: Showing the real score

Evert said he and his wife agreed on three things before they got married: no sex and living under one roof before marriage, and no contraceptives.

He noted that unmarried couples decide to live together supposedly because they need to see if they are compatible with each other. But this is not possible because a girl and a boy are not compatible with each other. The solution is to sacrifice.

“If she’s a girl and you’re a guy, you are not compatible with each other. I figured it out so fast. She had 27 different bottles in the bathroom,” Evert said. “You get married, you sacrifice.”
Patrick Lim, one of the event’s lead organizers, said around 10,000 attendees came to the conference.

“We just want people to be aware of the value of chastity,” Lim said. “Other [teenagers] are sexually active, but they don’t know what they’re doing is wrong.” Kalaine Nikka Kaye C. Grafil


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    We really appreciate the support! I’m the Moderator of CATALYST of UA&P which organized this SMX affair.

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