“FIRST LOVE never dies,” says one of the most famous maxims on love. But sometimes, I wonder how one must feel when that love leaves; worse, if it did not die a natural death, but was taken away from him.

Love, though, must not be limited to the mere idea of special feelings towards a person. Love could also be identified with the thing you want the most—that one thing you dream to achieve. In this case, let us refer to it as an “aspiration” regardless of the true meaning of the word.

But just like the love for a person, it is not far from impossible that you and your aspiration would become victims of hopeless love.

* * *

When I was first told that I was appointed News editor of the Varsitarian, I kept thinking of excuses to convince the higher-ups that I was not fit for the job; that I could do better if I was retained as a sports writer.

All of these, however, ended in vain as I were not courageous enough to say these things to the “bosses” and just told myself that I would accept the editorship just so we could all “get this over with.”

The truth behind my reluctance was actually because I did not want it. I was willing to let go of the promotion because I thought I could never find a new love in News the way I did in Sports. But I was wrong.

After twelve issues, six extra-editorial activities, and now on to our last two cycles, I am still not ready to let News go. It is like the feeling you get when you know a relationship you have cherished so much is bound to end and you cannot do anything to prevent or at least delay the inevitable.

Metal music put into canvas

And in retrospect, I do not, in any way, regret taking on the challenge of the publication and the selection committee. I am glad I tried it out with my second and last love.

* * *

As I bid goodbye, I would like to acknowledge the people behind my fulfilling stint in the ‘V’.

Lord, thank you for giving me an open mind and heart. For continuously reminding me that while we don’t always get what we want, there is a reason behind Your every plan.

To my parents and sisters, thank you for the never-ending support and encouragement. Your understanding in letting me miss family gatherings due to weekends of work in the ‘V’ really helped me in dealing with the hustle and bustle of being a staffer. I hope I made you proud even in the littlest way.

A tenfold of gratitude, I extend to my mentors Sir Lito—for taking a chance on me despite my lack of background in campus journalism; Sir Ipe—for being the father figure we always needed and for trusting me; and Sir Ian—for developing, although unconsciously, the slightest knowledge I have in sports journalism.

To my closest QJRN1 friends (you know who you are), most especially Iris, who gave me life outside of the publication, thank you for staying with me during the moments when I almost gave up on myself because of the stress brought by ‘V’.

Jem, Lester, Frau, and Ate Athena, I had the best teammates in you. My time with you in Sports brought all the excitement in my entire ‘V’ life. This is the homestretch. I am glad to have shared a great season with you.

Growing-up pains

My News family, it is through all of you that I learned the value of hardwork and perseverance. To our News babies, take care of the section for it is what binds us all together. Love it the way each one of us did.

UST would be less meaningful for me if not for the Varsitarian. And now, I take pride in saying, “Once a ‘V’ staffer, always a ‘V’ staffer.”


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