Oct. 4, 8:28 p.m. – THE UNIVERSITY placed fifth among top-performing schools in the recent mechanical engineering licensure examination and emerged as the only private institution to place in the said list.

UST’s passing rate went up to 80.25 percent with 65 passers out of 81 examinees compared to last year’s 72.46 percent with 50 out of 69 passers. UST failed to be considered a top-performing school last year.

The national passing rate slightly went up to 67.09 percent with 1,686 passers out of 2,513 examinees, from last year’s 66.79 percent with 1594 passers out of 2387 examinees.

Like what happened in the September 2010 boards, no Thomasian managed to be in the top 10 list this year.

State-run University of the Philippines-Diliman is this year’s top-performing school with 96.23 percent, while Batangas State University (96.15 percent), Technological University of the Philippines-Visayas (86.90 percent), and Technological University of the Philippines-Manila (84.91 percent) placed second, third, and fourth, respectively.

The Professional Regulation Commission requires at least of 50 examinees and 80-percent passing rate for a school to be considered a top-performing school. Reden D. Madrid


  1. dismal 5th wow. BSU and TUP are kicking UST’s ass. what is happening to the first and oldest engineering school in the Philippines? still having hang-overs from quadri celebrations?

  2. Give others a chance naman.UST can also be happy if others excel in board exams and not only itself. The one who commented before me has nothing else in mind except rivalry. It reflects insecurity.
    As for me, am happy already that UST improved from it’s performance last year.

    • UST used to be the premier engineering school in the country. ECE used to be a COE but was demoted to COD status recently. more thomasians dominate the boards during the 80s and 90s. over the years, i cannot help but notice that a well-known school like the faculty of eng’g that it used to be is gradually becoming just a “diploma mill”… i hope i am wrong.

      as a thomasian alumnus, i feel bad whenever UST gets a low passing rate in any of the boards. i don’t care about other schools’ performance, all i care is about UST. but it is obvious that better engineering schools are coming out e.g. mapua, tip, tup, etc.

      the school’s reputation is very important to us who look for possible candidates for jobs (fresh graduates) in the industry. UP, ADMU and DLSU are on top of the list. i don’t know where UST is. honestly i feel bad about this. i have had extensive experience in interviewing job applicants who are graduates of the Big 3 universities. i just hope that the next time i interview a fresh engineering grad who applies to the company where i work, my colleagues and I in the industry will say, “wow, this guy’s from UST eng., let’s put him/her in the priority list”.

      the school’s reputation is very important to us because the fresh graduates we hire don’t have any work experience yet. sadly, a major part of the evaluation is the school where the candidate graduated from, academic performance and extra curricular activities. and of course the results of the job exam.

      board exam results play a very important role in building the school’s reputation. competition in the work environment is tough i tell you. passing the boards is the very basic requirement and more is expected from them.

    • It’s OK to be happy with that little improvement on ME’s passing rate but let us not be contented with that. UST’s Faculty of Engineering, being the first in the country, should strive for excellence! And in order to get there, first and foremost, the faculty management should admit that it’s really deteriorating and they seem not doing anything! Wake-up!


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