Nov. 23, 1:19 a.m. – THE UNIVERSITY will be entertaining late enrollees starting today, while promissory notes will be accepted again but will be subject to the approval of the Treasurer’s Office, the Central Student Council (CSC) said.

CSC president Lorraine Taguiam, said there is still no definite deadline until when late enrollees will be accepted.

“Rector [Fr. Rolando de la Rosa, O.P.] told us yesterday (CSC officials) that he is yet to consult the deans [of the different colleges] whether until when [the late enrollment will be allowed],” she said in a telephone interview.

As for the promissory notes, she said that will still subject to a “case-to-case basis.”

“Many would be considered, but there is no guarantee that all of them (students enrolling using promissory notes) would still be allowed to enroll,” she said.

Taguiam added, the Rector said that UST has already reached its target number of enrollees for the second semester, but it just wants to give chance to those who were not able to enroll yet.

“For those with big balance in the fees, [the decision] would be up to their discussion with the Treasurer’s Office,” she said.

However, Taguiam said that according to the Rector, although stricter enrollment policies will still be implemented beginning next academic year, the University will still issue promissory notes.

The University is just taking “extra caution” on the balance of graduating students because it would be more difficult for UST to charge them of their balance once they have graduated, Taguiam said. Rommel Marvin C. Rio


  1. I went to UST (November 23, 2011) as soon as I saw this post together with my classmate who has same situation as mine.

    My mother first verified it thru phone and called accounting and treasury offices but they denied this report. So I went ahead to UST to have it checked personally together with my classmate. We went to treasury, accounting department and secretary general’s office. They all told us that enrollment was only extended up to November 25 (friday) but PROMISSORY NOTE STILL NOT ALLOWED.
    The ones we talked to did not even bother to hear our side and check on our balance, analyze and discuss our situation as what was written here should be “case-to-case basis”.

    Thinking that this was not yet fully implemented,
    my classmate’s father went again to UST TODAY (NOvember 24, 3pm) to check latest update hoping for newer memo from whoever will issue it, just same thing happened. Promissory notes are still not allowed.

    This report is false and appearing to be pretentious.
    We’re both disappointed with UST, our supposed Alma mater, as we are graduating students and we still cannot enroll up to this moment.
    What happened to UST’s vision and mission?

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