THE LABORATORY Equipment and Supplies Office (Leso) has passed government requirements on explosive substances, but there are still no plans to transfer the storage area to a “more strategic” location.

Flammable materials are still deposited at the Main Building tower despite Leso administrator Ross Vasquez’s proposal to house chemicals in a separate building on campus.

“I still do not know if the administration has plans to relocate Leso, but even if the location is not strategic, flammable materials are stored carefully inside the tower,” Vasquez said.

Under the Firearms and Explosives Law, schools are required to obtain a license before buying and storing explosive substances for academic purposes.

But Vasquez was confident UST’s application for the renewal of its license would be granted in early June after reviewing the results of the March 29 inspection by the Philippine National Police’s Firearms and Explosives Office (PNP-FEO).

“I am confident because the inspection results showed that UST’s physical facilities in terms of construction and security passed PNP’s standards,” Vasquez said.

The inspection results certified that Leso complies with security and structural requirements such as ;proper illumination, steel doors with double padlocks, concrete walls and pavement, warning signs, and accommodation for chemicals.

Aside from private guards, UST’s storage has 24-hour security cameras, firefighting equipment, and a concrete depository.

Executive Order No. 522 lays the regulations for control and supervision of importation, sale, and possession of chemicals used as ingredients in the manufacture of explosives. It also vests the authority to issue permits on the chief of PNP-FEO. Yuji Vincent B. Gonzales

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