UST IMPROVED its standing in the recent licensure exams for teachers (LET) but slipped in the board exams for electronics engineers.

The University placed third in the roster of top-performing schools for secondary education and produced two topnotchers. Results from the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) showed that UST posted 92.16-percent passing rate in the March LET for the secondary level, significantly higher than last year’s 86.84 percent.

Forty seven out of 51 Thomasian examinees passed the test, 43 of which were first-time takers. Last year, 33 out of 38 examinees made the cut.

UST trailed behind University of the Philippines (UP)-Diliman (95 percent) and Saint Louis University (94.92 percent), which grabbed the top two spots in the roster of best-performing schools.

Leading the new batch of Thomasian teachers are Marieta Baysa who ranked seventh with a 90.80-percent score, and Maria Isabel Bautista who placed ninth with 90.40 percent.

No Thomasian made it to this year’s top 10 list for LET-elementary, but UST’s passing rate rose to 90 percent from last year’s 66.67 percent. Nine out of 10 Thomasians passed the exam, compared with two out of three in 2012.

Talisay City College was the lone top-performing school for LET-elementary, scoring a 90.24-percent passing rate with 74 out of 82 students hurdling the exam. It was the only school that met the PRC requirement of at least an 80-percent passing rate and a minimum 50 examinees.

The national passing rate for LET-elementary slid to 27.78 percent, with only 10,310 passers out of 37,117 examinees. Last year’s passing rate was 42.46 percent, with 13,925 passers out of 32,798 examinees.

Santo Tomas internment camp survivor

For LET-secondary, the national passing rate rose to 39.61 percent with 15,223 successful examinees out of 38,433, from last year’s 24.85 percent.

Only half

Meanwhile, UST’s passing rate in the “off-season” electronics engineering (ECE) licensure exams dropped to 50 percent this year with only 28 passers out of 56 examinees, from last year’s 75.61 percent wherein 31 out of 41 Thomasians made the cut.

Like last year, there was no Thomasian on the list of topnotchers, and UST failed to be included in the roster of top-performing schools.

In 2011, the University was the top-performing school for the April ECE board exams.

This year, UP-Diliman was the only top-performing school with an 84-percent passing rate or 21 passers out of 25 examinees. PRC requires at least an 80-percent passing rate and a minimum of 25 examinees to be declared a top-performing school. In 2012, no school made it to the list.

The national passing rate plunged to 37.21 percent from 53.55 percent last year, with 1,177 out of 3,163 examinees making the cut. LORD BIEN G. LELAY


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