Although fearful of the water, I went with the tide. Not learning how to ride a bike didn’t keep me from moving forward.

Coming out of my shell two years ago was, as in basketball, the turning point of my career. It was the game-changing shot I never thought I’d make.

Pardon the mixed metaphors. I was just trying to dramatize the choice I made when I joined the Varsitarian, became a sports writer and editor, and later, interim associate editor.

My choice came with a price. I skipped classes and missed quality time with blockmates.

But I would not trade my experience in the Varsitarian for any Latin honor.

It was in my stint with the Varsitarian that I experienced my first plane ride. My first coverage was a juniors game at the San Beda Gym. I didn’t know how to do running score, I didn’t have a steno notebook, and I was too shy to even make eye contact with the coach. It was a baptism of fire.

Everything I knew of sports writing, the ‘V’ patiently taught me. All that I have become of a writer, it’s due to the ‘V’.

Like most ‘V’ staffers, I once thought that it wiould all be just writing, but I was wrong. It was so much more.

Now that my end of my tenure is nearing, I feel lost and afraid.

Given the new academic calendar, our batch has until June 6 to say goodbye, but it will take an eternity to move on.

I’ll miss the demands of work—coming up with a creative layout, proofreading at the wee hours of the morning, editing piles of articles and breaking news, heading organize the Ustetika and other extra-editorial activities of the Varsitarian—but it’s the people I will miss the most.

Attack of the killer bacteria

When you have a complete family, the ‘V’ gives you an even bigger one. It’s not a perfect family, but it gives you unconditional love.

I was a daughter who reluctantly became a mother.

Making ends meet for the Sports section for 10 months before being appointed on an interim basis to the Editorial Board was truly challenging.

I’m almost at the finish line and I still can’t imagine how I survived the marathon, but I’m pretty sure I owe it to my coaches and peers whose trust never faltered.

Ate Melai, Kuya Janbee and Sir Ian, you all are the wind beneath my wings. You boosted the slightest self-confidence I had. You helped me soar.

Kuya Enzo, you were a big brother who entrustred me with taking care of a noisy brood.

Ma, Dad, Feng and Kuya Miggy, I may be grumpiy, but I hope I’ve made you proud.

Alex, Ar-ar, Waitfort and Paul, my Sports team, I couldn’t have survived the past year without you. You are all good writers and wonderful people.

Delfin and Ced, I have complete confidence that you would pick up where I left off and go even beyond. Cherish your stay in the “V.”

To everyone we’ll be leaving behind, the “V’” deserves nothing but the best from each of you.

To us, Amihan 2014, the journey ends here but the friendship will continue

To the ‘V’, to say that you’re the best thing that ever happened to me is an understatement, but it’s true. And I am forever indebted.

Like a battle-tested athlete who has served a good, meaningful run, it’s time for me pass on the torch and watch my successors bloom.

A life and work in progress

But it doesn’t mean I won’t miss the game.

Once a ‘V’ staffer, always a ‘V’ staffer.


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