WITH the social media, the youth have become even more vocal and critical. This is underscored in the coming Central Student Council (CSC) election which should present a new opportunity for Thomasians to articulate their concerns about the quality of student government leadership.

The Central Comelec has come up with the hashtag #USTHalalan2015 to encourage students to take to Twitter and voice their concerns and pose questions to the candidates.

Arguably the most common concern based on the posts is that the CSC election is becoming more like a “beauty pageant,” with voters apparently casting their ballot based on physical appearance, so that many elected officers become “events organizers” or “emcees.” It appears this is the case even in American student elections, but it would be amiss for students in the Philippines to make physical appearance the yardstick. Especially in UST, issues such as tuition hike and the more than 10-year delay in the passage of a student rights’ charter cannot be resolved by student-voters making their decision on student government based on physical looks, not on vision, platform, and political will.

To aid in voter education and help the electorate vote credible and qualified candidates and uplift University affairs in relevant aspects, the Varsitarian is again releasing Botomasino, its special supplement on the CSC election. This is in partnership with the UST Central Commission on Elections.

Botomasino will likewise release a series of videos on YouTube that will feature interviews with candidates, including a segment called “fast talk.”

In fast talk, candidates are presented with current issues and must answer with a categorical yes or no, depicting their support or disapproval.

Lakasdiwa versus independent candidates

It is hoped that with Botomasino, the Thomasian voter would be properly formed and informed about the issues at stake in the elections and cast their ballot wisely.


Witness the brightest brains from the Pontifical University’s key colleges and faculties duke it out for intellectual supremacy during the 38th Pautakan on April 13 at the Medicine Auditorium.

Organized and sponsored by the Varsitarian, Pautakan is the longest running intercollegiate quiz contest in the Philippines.

MYX video jock Robi Domingo and Pautakan mainstay Claude Despabiladeras will be the hosts this year.


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