January 20, 2016, 5:24p.m. – THE COLLEGE of Tourism and Hospitality Management (CTHM) has been named the first Philippine member of a Netherlands-based nonprofit association of hotel school directors, principals and deans.

EUHOFA International took in UST as member last Jan. 13, with CTHM Dean Maria Cecilia Cuison representing the University.

According to the EUHOFA official website, members can take advantage of its networks and contacts to generate ideas and business opportunities, as well as join exchange programs, contributing to the development of professional training and education in the hospitality industry.

Established in 1962, EUHOFA International is composed of more than 140 hotel schools, colleges and universities worldwide.

The declaration of CTHM as a member of EUHOFA International complements the recent achievements of the college. The Hotel and Restaurant Management and Travel Management programs of CTHM were recently declared as Centers of Excellence by the Commission on Higher Education. Alhex Adrea M. Peralta


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