Oct. 21, 2016, 1:17 p.m. – A THOMASIAN emerged as the topnotcher in the October 2016 electronics engineering licensure examinations, as the University posted a higher passing rate compared with last year’s.

UST’s passing rate went up to 74.66 percent (115 passers out of 154 examinees) from last year’s 65.93 percent (120 passers out of 182 examinees), results from the Professional Regulation Commission showed.

Leading the new batch of electronics engineers was Thomasian Masaru Nakaegawa who got a score of 92.30 percent.

The University of the Philippines remained the top-performing school after obtaining a perfect passing rate, with all 53 examinees passing the test.

Meanwhile, UST was declared the top-performing school in the electronics technician licensure exam, after garnering a 98.85-percent passing rate or 86 passers out of 87 examinees.

Nakaegawa also ranked fourth among the top examinees in electronics technician boards with a score of 89 percent. He was tied with 10 other examinees from other schools

The national passing rate climbed to 40. 36 percent with 1,784 passers out of 4,467 examinees, from last year’s 39. 94 percent equivelent to 1,914 passers out of 4,742 examinees.


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