CSC slams campus sexual harassment, victim-blaming

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THE CENTRAL Student Council (CSC) has spoken against campus sexual harassment and victim-blaming following the alleged harassment case of a third-year College of Fine Arts and Design student.

In a statement released on its Facebook page last Feb. 3, the council said it “vehemently condemns and unwaveringly stands in unison with our fellow Thomasians against victim blaming, sexual harasment, cyberbullying, and all other detrimental acts.”

The CSC said it won’t remain silent on the issues of sexual harrasment, victim-blaming and cyber-bullying, and called on Thomasians to assert their rights and privileges as students.

“We are calling upon each and everyone of our fellow Thomasians to break these persisting cycles of negligence, apathy, and injustice,” the statement read.

CSC also vowed that “such deliquences will not be tolerated and will be sanctioned accordingly with due process.”

Last Jan. 31, UST issued a statement saying that the claims of Geo Celestino, brother of the CFAD junior, “don’t match with the records on file.”

Celestino earlier took to Facebook and lashed out at the Student Welfare and Development Board for imposing sanctions on his sister but not on the fifth-year male engineering student who allegedly made advances on her in a public transportation vehicle in July 2016.

The University declined to disclose further details of the case, but assured that “the due process requirements under the law and jurisprudence were observed and duly complied with.”


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