THE UNIVERSITY was named the second top-performing school anew in the October 2018 licensure exams for psychometricians, while 11 Thomasians landed in the top 10.

Lenard Alain Espiritu led the new batch of Thomasian psychometricians, notching the fifth spot with a score of 81.40 percent.

Thomasians Angelica Mula Adia and Samantha Camille Saguin were tied in the seventh spot with a score of 81 percent, while Justine Danielle Reyes and Cirila Lecar Sahagun took the eighth spot with an 80.80-percent score.

Renz Gabriel Evangelista and Jon Darrell Nogot secured the ninth place, with a score of 80.60 percent.

Arielle Nicole Agustin, Louise Isabelle Dumaguing, Rolinda Josine Mercado and Cyrene Pangilinan clinched the 10th spot, after scoring 80.40 percent.

The University’s passing rate slipped to 88.02 percent, or 169 out of 192 examinees, from last year’s 96.53 percent, or 139 out of 144 examinees.

Ateneo de Manila University was this year’s top-performing school, posting a passing rate of 91.38 percent, or 53 out of 58 examinees.

The national passing rate was 47.73 percent, or 4,035 out of 8,453 examinees, down from last year’s 56.97 percent, or 4,957 out of 8,701 examinees.

Psychology boards

Thomasian Angelie Charmaine notched the top spot in the October 2018 psychologist licensure exams, with a score of 86.85 percent.

Floyd Batongbakal grabbed the fifth spot, after posting an 84.75-percent score.

Ateneo de Manila University was named the sole top-performing school in this year’s board exams for psychologists after registering a 95.45-percent passing rate.

The national passing rate for psychologists rose to 67.02 percent, or 127 out of 189 examinees, from last year’s 64.86 percent, or 96 passers out of 146 examinees. Sherwin Dane Zauro C. Haro


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