With Pautakan crown up for grabs, 15 teams brace for stiff competition


THE STAGE is set for Pautakan’s return to its traditional in-person format on April 15 at the Medicine Auditorium, where 15 participating teams from UST academic units anticipate stiff competition. 

Thomasians’ wits and smarts on history, UST history, humanities, science, mathematics, and general information and current events will be tested in the annual intercollegiate quiz competition.

Which team will steer its ship to victory?

UST-Alfredo M. Velayo College of Accountancy 

Looking to add to their four Pautakan titles, the College of Accountancy sets their focus on topics they deem their weaknesses. 

Accountancy team captain John Iñigo said daily training, with the help of an alumnus of the college, helped them prepare for the quiz tilt. 

“Sa anim na focus ng Pautakan, mathematics and humanities ang focus namin,” Iñigo said. “Considering na ang humanities ay ‘di siya focal point or expertise ng AMV, dahil doon ang weakness namin, doon kami nag-focus.”

College of Architecture 

Pautakan glory has been elusive to the College of Architecture; the roster representing the college aims to change that this year. 

Architecture team captain Reizen Coronado said only one goal was in mind for them: to win. 

“I’m proud to know that we have the same goal in our minds, and that is to let each other shine so that, in effect, we would be in harmony,” Coronado said. “We are in sync to claim the win for our college.” 

Faculty of Arts and Letters

Housing the winner of the virtual version of Pautakan, the “Paunahan” in 2021, the Faculty of Arts and Letters (Artlets) is motivated to replicate its triumph this year. 

Artlets team captain John de Luna sees the battle of the brains as a thrilling opportunity for them to shine and exhibit their “love for quizzing.”  

“It’s a mix of emotions, but most definitely, it’s exciting since this is the first time in so many years since Pautakan has resumed,” De Luna said. “It’s definitely exciting, but at the same time challenging.”

Faculty of Civil Law

Led by its team captain Thea Balinas, the Faculty of Civil Law approaches this year’s Pautakan as a chance to learn and acquire experience. 

In the process, the team is also looking to capture the Pautakan crown, which has been elusive to the faculty since the tilt’s inception. 

“The team members all share the same goal of bringing glory to the Faculty of Civil Law. Whether it be through having the college fully represented in this University-wide event or through garnering a place in the competition,” Balinas said. 

“This is a journey foreign to all of us, and yet, we are determined and unwavering to see this competition through,” she said. 

College of Commerce and Business Administration

The College of Commerce and Business Administration did not just set its sights on the Pautakan crown this year but has already begun preparing for the next edition. 

With the help of their assistant dean, who was a former Pautakan contestant, and with sophomore Vince Lopez at the helm of the group, the Commerce team has been engaging on quiz and trivia challenges as part of its preparation leading up to the tilt. 

“Motivation namin is to have fun lang and to have a chance na makipag-compete with other colleges kasi it’s a one-of-a-kind competition,” he said 

College of Education

Pautakan teams formed in the College of Education are usually nurtured early. But this time, the college is back to square one, which team captain Nathan Orencia said poses a unique challenge for the team.

Despite this, the team is hoping to weather the challenges by going over review materials, holding intense training sessions, and building strong chemistry within the members. 

“Main priority, aside from learning as much material for Pautakan as possible, is for us to build that team dynamic where we are comfortable with each other so that we can play naturally with each other’s strengths,” Teorencia said.

Faculty of Engineering 

Boasting the most Pautakan wins is the Faculty of Engineering, which aims to clinch the title anew after emerging victorious in 2019, the last time the quiz competition was held onsite. 

Engineering team captain Mayumi Calpotura said that to prepare for Pautakan, the team reviewed topics under humanities and brushed up on science, math, and physics subjects. 

“We are a formidable force to be reckoned with,” she said. “Our team will definitely make its mark on this year’s Pautakan: The Return, so watch out everyone.”

College of Information and Computing Sciences 

Hungry to log its first Pautakan championship, the College of Information and Computing Sciences (CICS) is willing to leave it all out on the Medicine Auditorium stage. 

CICS team captain Rien Buendia said he and his teammates went through individual and collaborative review sessions to finally crack the code of the quiz contest. 

“As I’ve told them, ‘Let’s give it our all. Kailangan nating i-represent well yung college natin. I need you to show your dedication para sa college natin,’” Buendia said. “This is our first time to join as a college, best to leave it all out. We focus on our training so that we are prepared to join the battle.”

Faculty of Medicine and Surgery 

Juggling medical school and training for Pautakan is no easy task, but it is something that the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery is willing to do.

Besides, preparing for the quiz competition has become a “breather” for the team, said Medicine team captain Maxine Baculo. 

“Parang going back to mga subjects na gusto naming inaaral dati,” Baculo said. “Passionate din talaga sila sa ganun. Nakikita ko na ina-enjoy din lang talagang nila ‘yung whole thing.”

Conservatory of Music

The need for familiarity with Pautakan is daunting yet exciting to Czen Reganit, the team captain of the Conservatory of Music. 

Although they are charting curious territory, Reganit said he was confident that the group could excel and showcase their “harmonious” relationship.

“Ine-expect ko na masaya siya kasi lahat bago e. Lahat kami [excited] kasi grand return ng Pautakan,” he said.

College of Nursing

Faced with stiff competition from 14 other teams and the “mounting pressure” of ending their college’s 13-year title drought, representatives of the College of Nursing said they were in for the challenge. 

Nursing team captain Angelo Urfano said the trust granted to them by the college administration is what fuels them to strive for Pautakan excellence. 

“[T]he trust that our college gave us.. they’re the ones who first believed in our capabilities, that we could do this,” Urfano said. “So, why not repay them back by trying to do our best?”

“If we have this synergy present in the group, it would be easy for us to have fun and, at the same time, get closer to the right answer and garner more points,” he added. 

Faculty of Pharmacy 

It has been 30 years since the Faculty of Pharmacy last rose to Pautakan glory. Armed with tenacity and determination, the faculty’s representatives in this year’s quiz competition are eyeing to replicate their winning ways. 

Pharmacy team captain Ernest Quemquem said despite the immense pressure that the team faced as representatives to the return of Pautakan, all members were willing to put on the work. 

“We want to show na our faculty is excellent,” Quemquem said. 

“No matter the challenges, especially sa course namin na very academically challenging na, they’re willing to put in the effort to study for Pautakan and represent the faculty,” he added. “We are willing to go beyond and to rise up to the challenge.”

Institute of Physical Education and Athletics 

In search of its first Pautakan championship, the Institute of Physical Education and Athletics (IPEA) aims to showcase its agility, which its representatives said went beyond the physical. 

IPEA team captain Averille Sacapaño said the team was “fired up” to represent the institute in the test of wits. 

“We anticipate facing tough opponents and challenging questions, but we expect ourselves to perform our best and enjoy the experience,” Sacapaño said.

College of Science 

Synergy is at the core of the Pautakan team representing the College of Science this year, as it aims to end a drought that struck the college after last winning the quiz contest in 1990. 

Science team captain Neo de la Cruz said he wanted the group to act as one unit as it faces 14 other teams vying for the Pautakan crown. 

“I hope that these goals can be funneled towards one goal as we are one unit,” De la Cruz said. “At the end of the day, panalo man o matalo man, we tried our best.”

College of Tourism and Hospitality Management 

The College of Tourism and Hospitality (CTHM) is bent on disproving those who dismiss the college as one that only offers “smiles and greetings” because of its programs being “soft majors.”

Despite recognizing the edge of other academic units in certain subject areas, CTHM team captain Sophia Uy said she wanted to show that students from the college could excel in different areas, too. 

“It would be an experience that would allow us to grow and learn sa iba’t ibang subjects para hindi lang kami nakakulong lang sa management area ng learning,” she said. 


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