SINCE the election of Pope Francis to the See of Peter almost two years ago, the world has witnessed a marked change in the tone and pastoral approach of the Vatican to various issues, even as it continues the Church’s mission of leading the flock to Christ.

With his visit to the Philippines on Jan. 15 to 19, Francis, dubbed as the “People’s Pope,” is set to share the love and mercy of Christ to the people of the largest Catholic bastion in Asia.

But not everyone will have the chance to speak with the Pope during his visit to the country. Here are some messages for the Holy Father:

“Thank you for believing that the youth is not only the future of the Church, but a beloved part of her present. Continue to inspire the youth that the mission inside our hearts may continue to be ablaze. Be one with us in prayers that we, young people, be stewards and instruments of God’s mercy and compassion.”
-Dale Dakila, from Facebook

“For someone who has been tagged as the ‘Pope of the end of the world,’ you brought new beginnings, more hope and love. We wish you strength as you carry on with your holy mission in leading us.”
-Van Eric Azul, from Facebook

“Enlighten our leaders para mas maging makatao at mas maging makamahirap. Mahawakan sana ni Pope ng kaniyang pagiging pro-poor at maibigay niya ito sa mga leader.”
-Joselito Delos Reyes, professor

“I hope that you’ll continue to teach everybody about acceptance, equality and love. One day, I hope that the Catholic Church will be known for its love and kindness as opposed to all of the negativity it is presently associated with among the youth.”
-Aimee Cando, student

“I’ve almost embraced the Buddhist philosophy these past few years but you grabbed me back into the Catholic faith. Thank you, Lolo Kiko.”
-Geoff Buen, from Facebook

“Thank you for igniting the fire in our hearts, Pope Francis!”
-Jamina Bongabong, from Twitter

“May the full communion of the Catholic Church and the Eastern Orthodox Church be restored.”
-Roland Marion Vergel, from Twitter

Compiled By Michael Carlo C. Rodolfo


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