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Tag: April 29, 2006

Syato’s reminiscing tunes

ATTEMPTING to relive the music of past generations, Syato releases its self-titled debut album, merging the 60’s, 70’s, and 90’s pop-alternative sound with a touch of their main musical influence—the Beatles. The 10-track album boasts of an all-original Tagalog music, reminiscing OPM greats from the past four decades.

A cents’ worth

AWARD-WINNING children’s book illustrator Jason Moss has already illustrated more than 27 children’s books, including National Book Awards winners “A Sea of Stories” and “Cinco de Noviembre.” He is also an editorial cartoonist, a painter, and the art director of GMA 7’s children art show “Art Angel.” He has also illustrated “Ang Bangka ni Paulo,” the first Cebuano children’s book about AIDS.

But Living in Centavos, his solo exhibit at Pablo, a Marikina Shoe Expo gallery, is definitely not for children.

Irony at its most fatal

HOW ARE these for life’s ironies: no good deed goes unpunished, and goodness sometimes has a price—one’s life? Case in point: Michel Gerfaut (Alain Delon), who encounters threats to his life after trying to save a dying man in “Trois Hommes à Abbatre (Three Men to Kill).”

Parade of melody

MORE than a year after going solo, Barbie Almalbis has come out with her own album, Parade. The album follows Almalbis’ compilation of hits with her former bands, Hungry Young Poets and Barbie’s Cradle, “Barbie: The Singles,” which featured only one new track, the advertising jingle, “Just a Smile.”

Transcending gender issues

DESPERATE Housewives lead actress and Academy Award nominee Felicity Huffman flaunts her artistic versatility by playing another “desperate” protagonist, this time a gender-dysphoric transsexual, in an independent movie of the same intriguing prefix as her role, “Transamerica.”

Vim Nadera ventures into visual arts

THE TOILET is renowned poet and Palanca award recipient Vim Nadera’s throne every morning. As he sits in the bowl, he reads the day’s edition of The Philippine Star, and upon seeing the headline, he says, “here we go again.”

JP II set for beatification

JOHN PAUL II, the “saint-maker” who beatified 1,388 faithful and canonized more than 470 beatos, has a long way to go before becoming a saint himself.

“They need a miracle for beatification (to attain ‘blessed’ status) and one more for canonization,” Rev. Fr. Ernesto Arceo O.P. said in an interview with the Varsitarian.

Normally, after a candidate dies, five years must pass before the cause for beatification can begin.

Exploring the Philippines

IT WAS when I was lying against the cool white sand, with the sun shining bright overhead and the brilliant horizon of the clear sea, that I realized, nothing could possibly better than this.

But then again, I had to face the facts—that in truth nothing in this is free, and that there is a price for everything. It would take a serious amount of money to be able to just have a glimpse of what life should really be—simple and free.

We want answers

A heckling incident against the President took center stage in a recent state university graduation ceremonies.

Maria Theresa Pangilinan, a 23-year-old Cavite State University mass communications graduate, caused what in my opinion, is a necessary stir, by shouting “Patalsikin si Gloria,” and unfurling anti-charter change placards, a few minutes into Mrs. Arroyo’s graduation address. She was later joined by other student activists.

No justice is injustice

IN THIS day and age, it is both amusing and alarming to know that our country’s lower courts mete out convictions erroneously 72 per cent of the time, according to a study backed by the Supreme Court.

If you were innocent of a crime, but still slapped with charges, it should not surprise you that you could be convicted just as well, given the propinquity of statistics.

But turning the tables around, that’s not the only problem with the judiciary system.