JOHN PAUL II, the “saint-maker” who beatified 1,388 faithful and canonized more than 470 beatos, has a long way to go before becoming a saint himself.

“They need a miracle for beatification (to attain ‘blessed’ status) and one more for canonization,” Rev. Fr. Ernesto Arceo O.P. said in an interview with the Varsitarian.

Normally, after a candidate dies, five years must pass before the cause for beatification can begin.

“There is a waiting period so that it would not be just hype (the candidate’s rise to sainthood) and the candidate’s accomplishments can withstand time,” said Rev. Fr. Romulo Rodriguez O.P., Regent of the Education High School.

But on June 28 last year, the Diocese of Rome launched the beatification process of Pope John Paul II, waiving the customary five-year period before beginning the process, putting to rest the call of many people for the late Pontiff’s quick canonization. Polish Father Slawomir Oder, who was appointed by Pope Benedict XVI to oversee the investigation of miracles possibly linked to the late Pontiff, revealed during an interview with RAI Uno, Italy’s state broadcaster, that a miracle took place in France. According to Oder, an anonymous nun claimed that she was miraculously healed of Parkinson’s disease last October after praying to the late Pope. The nun’s identity still has not been made public.

Oder said an investigation will also take place on the alleged intercession of the Pope on the recovery of a man in the United States from an incurable liver disease.

Investigation results are processed by the Congregation for the Causes of the Saints, the Vatican office in charge of approving heroic virtues, martyrdom, and miracles of possible candidates for beatification.

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On the other hand, an international group of theologians, historians and philosophers against John Paul’s sainthood has pushed for an investigation of the negative effects of John Paul II’s pontificate. Cited are the late Pontiff’s conservative views toward contraception, role of women, and sexual abuse scandals in the Church. Raymond Jude M. Dumaual with reports from


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