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Tag: August 1, 2002

Playing safe

THE CANCELLATION of our monthly exams became a temporary relief after classes became irregular for two weeks due to the flood and national and faculty activities.

However, the complacent mood set by our professors’ announcement of a reversion to the prelims-finals grading period was not for long.

Long quizzes, which the professors were told to give, were scheduled one after the other to compensate for the cancelled exam although they would just form part of the prelims grade, the reversion still favorable on our part.

Life’s deadlines

“THE VARSITARIAN’S deadline is always nearly dying but never dead. It is guaranteed to bring out the best of the talents and the worst of tempers.”

I do not know if I hit the words right from a 1965 article of the Varsitarian, but what I am sure of is that at this moment, it is a compelling idea.

Life and something

I WAS having a serious talk with one of my few closest friends in one of the library discussion rooms a couple of weeks ago. It was raining hard and we just stayed and talked there to let the downpour pass.

As Journalism students, we usually rebutted one another. Our conversation usually turned heads and raised eyebrows especially because we argued to the point of pulling each other’s hair.

Getting the picture

LAST Sunday, July 28, I saw for the first time the National Service Training Program (NSTP) “cadettes” train on the UST field. The medics and MPs, to be exact, since the “ordinary” cadets were attending lectures elsewhere on campus.

The sight made me stop and observe a bit, accompanied by one of our photographers. An officer walked up to us and reprimanded my companion for an earlier attempt to take a photograph of one of their activities. According to the former, our readers might misinterpret the prints that come out in the paper.

UST opens application earlier

TO ATTRACT more highly-qualified applicants to the various degree programs of the University, the newly-established Office for Student Admissions (OFAD) started application for the next school year earlier last July 1 compared to the previous years’ Sept. 1.

According to OFAD director Dr. Ann Sunga-Vargas, the earlyapplication and of UST Entrance Test (USTET) schedules will ensure an release of the results.

A matter of geography

HERE we go again.

The winds of mighty Habagat have once again unleashed their fury upon us hapless residents of the erstwhile dry isles of the Philippines.

After a few days of continuous rain, the streets of Metro Manila, as well as those of low provinces, were submerged in floodwater anew. Thousands of families were severely affected and, much to the delight of students, classes were suspended.

Thomasians join WYD

THE UNIVERSITY sent six representatives to the 17th World Youth Day in Toronto, Canada last July 18 to 28. The 10-day celebration with the theme “Christ is the One Savior” is a gathering of the youth from all over the world.

Med holds OB-Gyne meet

THE FACULTY of Medicine and Surgery’s Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology had its annual Post-graduate course on the development of the ob-gyne practice in the country last July 10 to12 at the Gazebo of the Medicine Building.