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Tag: December 14, 2002

JCBA holds seminar

THE JUNIOR Chamber of Business Administration (JCBA) of the College of Commerce held a trade fair last Nov. 25 to 29 in front of the UST Hospital.

The week-long celebration culminated an inter-collegiate symposium last Nov. 29 entitled “Shaping the Future of Business Professionals.”

The seminar was held at the Century Park Hotel and was attended by students from the University of the Philippines -Manila, St. Scholastica’s College, De La Salle University, and Chiang Kai-Shek College.

Prepster is best speaker

A SENIOR from the University of Santo Tomas High School (USTHS) was selected as one of the best speakers in the Philippine Schools Debate Championship at the Ateneo de Manila University last Nov. 22 to 24.

Tracy Llanera was named fourth best speaker from among 200 debaters representing other schools from the different regions around the country.

Despite its early exit from the competition, USTHS ranked 27th over all. The tournament that just started this year was the first debate competition that the Thomasian team joined.

Pharmacy turns 131

FATHER Ramon Salibay, O.P., UST Central Seminary’s director of Apostolate of Seminarians said sexuality contributes to the well-being of the society during the seminar “Human Sexuality and Its Impact on Society” at the UST Medicine Auditorium last Dec. 3.

“With sexuality’s dimensions exercised in a responsible and mature way, it is a factor for the harmony of the people, especially in the moral aspect,” he said.

Training consultant Annie Mendoza, a former UST guidance counselor, argued. She said moral values must govern young people’s sexuality.

Harry Potter: and the magic continues

FOR THE second time, Harry Potter has enchanted box-offices worldwide with Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, the second installment to the film version of J.K. Rowling’s popular book series.

Harry (Daniel Radcliffe) is back with his relatives, the Dursleys, for the summer. The sudden appearance and dire warnings of a house elf named Dobby mars Harry’s eagerness to return to Hogwarts for his second year. Nevertheless, Harry manages to return to school.

When Less is More

THERE is nothing else on the dimly lit stage, except for three white squares drawn on the floor and a man (Jon Spooner) and a woman (Clare Duffy) dressed in black. When the two start to talk, the static breaks life is somehow sparked.

Static was inspired by the television report of the war in Kosovo in 1999. Performed at the Rizal Auditorium of the St. Raymund’s Building last November 20, the 40-minute play presented by Unlimited Theater, shows the contrasting experiences of a young Englishman and a young woman in the war-torn Eastern European country.

The power of dance

THERE are times when the sun is buried in the horizon, and the moon reigns in the sky.

Tatarin: A Witch’s Sabbath in Three Acts, an adaptation of Nick Joaquin’s classic and highly-acclaimed play, is Teatro Tomasino’s 25th anniversary feature presentation. Performed at PhilamLife Auditorium last Nov. 27 and 28, the play was directed by Katherine Peñaojas.

Merry video Christmas

EVERYBODY looks forward to the Christmas break. One of the best ways to spend it is to slouch around the living room watching your favorite movies with the people very close to you, armed with buckets and buckets of popcorn. Here are recommended home videos that you would want to watch again and again and again.

School is Cool

Christmas Carol

A STINGY miser and cranky old man. A cynic, a usurer, a soul cursed in hell.

How do you deal with someone as despicable as Mr. Scrooge?

Repertory Philippines’ musical adaptation of Charles Dickens’ classic A Christmas Carol, tells of a greedy man who hates life and people, but unbelievably turns into a generous philanthropist.

University keen on reclaiming ‘lost glory’

AS THE University nears its quadricentennary, Fr. Rector Tamerlane Lana, O.P. is up to the task of reclaiming the old glory and prestige of the country’s oldest and only Royal, Pontifical and Catholic University, according to a Philippine Graphic article written by National Artist Nick Joaquin.

In the Nov. 25 edition of the magazine, Fr. Lana stressed that excellence in teaching, expertise in research and eminence in community service will be the keys to the campaign.

Renewing Family ties

ON JANUARY 2003 families from all over the world will gather here for one celebration—the Fourth World Meeting of the Holy Father with Families.

By order, His Eminence Manila Archbishop Jaime Cardinal Sin informed bishops and pro-life groups world-wide of the activities of the four-day celebration. The Archdiocese of Manila will be hosting the Fourth World Meeting of Families from 25-26 January 2003 and the International Theological and Pastoral Congress from 23-24 January 2003.