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Tag: June 23, 2006

Versus’ sights and sounds coalesce

AVANT-GARDE graphic designers and OPM artists interact with one another in the art fusion design exhibit Versus (VS.): Design and Music Collide, at the newly-opened Theo Gallery of Makati?s Saguijo Caf? and Bar.
Opened last June 13, the exhibit featured various media, mostly digital, breathing life to the featured songs rendered by the performers in a short concert later that evening. Aside from the concert, CD and MP3 of the interpreted songs were provided beside each artwork.

Cockfights and fiestas in swinging zarzuela

IS COCKFIGHTING something to crow about?
The centuries-old gambling sport is tackled in Something to Crow About, adapted from the short story, My Brother?s Peculiar Chicken, written by National Artist Alejandro Roces. The production was staged last May 22 at the Tanghalang Yamang Lahi of the Emilio Aguinaldo College in Manila.

A pit of hell?

CATCHING a bounty of fish was never a problem for the fishermen of Rapu-Rapu before. But after two cyanide spills in October last year, villagers now complain of longer fishing hours and pangs of hunger, as they struggle to find a living among the sea of dead fish that is the Albay Gulf.


WITH the Catholic Church’s over a billion adherents and China’s more than one billion population, any clash between the two could never get less serious.

‘Live-ins’ in God’s care

SOME relationships just seem to tread in shallow waters. But the Church is offering these couples and partners a wellspring of support systems, without watering down the need to tie the knot in a sacramental union.

Jacob’s Well, a Couple’s for Christ (CFC) ministry for couples in “irregular unions,” seek to guide live-in partners, and those in civil unions or legal separation, to a fully committed marital relationship and to active Church involvement.

Hostel sa loob ng Uste

ALAM ba ninyo na mayroong hostel sa USTe?

Ito ang Domus Mariae International Residence, isang dalawang palapag na gusaling matatagpuan sa pagitan ng Gymnasium at Publishing House at nasa pamamahala ng Treasurer’s Office.

Katulad ng isang dormitoryo, nagsisilbing bahay-panuluyan sa mga taong malalayo sa kanilang mga tahanan ang hostel. Mga kabataang estudyante ang madalas gumagamit nito.

Criminals, beware! ‘Big Brother’ is watching

IT’S BIG BROTHER versus the bad guys.

Spy cameras will be used by policemen in civilian outfit in a “Big-Brother” like, see-and-catch operation against robbers, snatchers and drug pushers in the University Belt (U-belt).

The National Capital Region Police Office (NCRPO) ordered the new measure and told the Varsitarian that the footages from the cameras will be used as evidence against law breakers.

Porn domain scraped

NO MORE triple x.

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) has rejected the proposal of a “.xxx” domain which would have housed and regulated adult contents in the Internet. The ICANN controls the Internet protocol address allocations and generic and country code assignments.

According to ICANN president Paul Twomey, the creation of the .xxx domain has been a year-long issue as whether such measure would ease website filtering and categorizing.

Over-the-counter drugs may cause hemorrhage

IF YOU’RE taking drugs to stem a flu or dampen your appetite, read this before your next dosage.

A chemical ingredient in many over-the-counter (OTC) drugs for colds and appetite suppression increases the risk of hemorrhagic stroke (bleeding of the brain) if taken excessively, a five-year study says.

3G’s treats

THE EMERGING trend of third-generation technology (3G), with its video call, music, and video streaming, excites techies. But unknown to many, there is more to 3G than videos and music.

3G provides an increase in bandwidth or data transfer frequency, making faster downloading possible. The fast Internet access is like having a portable wireless computer with the mobile phone acting as modem itself.