NO MORE triple x.

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) has rejected the proposal of a “.xxx” domain which would have housed and regulated adult contents in the Internet. The ICANN controls the Internet protocol address allocations and generic and country code assignments.

According to ICANN president Paul Twomey, the creation of the .xxx domain has been a year-long issue as whether such measure would ease website filtering and categorizing.

The initial motion came from the Internet Content Management, a supplier of Internet filtering services, which aims to separate adult and porn sites from regular ones.

Professor Emmanuel Guevara of the UST Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering said putting pornographic sites in one domain would make them more controllable, but this may also endanger minors who could locate these sites.

“A large part of international .com domains already showcase pornography. It may be easier to regulate .xxx domains but it would only help in easily accessing pornography,” Guevara told the Varsitarian.

With the banned .xxx domain proposal, users would have to go back to the use of filters and pop-up blockers to control pornographic content in existing domains. K. L. Li

Limelight - Vol. LXXX, No. 1


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