As third-generation frequency bandwidths or 3G bands enter the Philippine telecommunication systems, state-of-the-art gadgets loom over the digital world. Stylish music players, portable computer mice, binocular cameras are just some of these gadgets that will soon dominate the tech market.

As gadgets get smaller and smaller, IT companies have begun putting art into the scene by accessorizing them, and now, even turning them into accessories. TuneBuckle, a stylish innovation by Apple, is a unique version of the popular iPod, with the music player attached to high grade metals and leather to form a belt.

Laptop owners have long been frustrated with having to bring bulky computer mice, laptop trackpads, and trackpoints. But as the palm-sized MoGo MouseBT enters the market, traveling programmers will be able to carry a business-card size, Bluetooth-enabled mouse which can be stored and recharged neatly inside a laptop’s card slot when not in use. It also features latest movement-tracking optics and a system that automatically lifts the mouse up into the person’s hand while working.

And if a portable mouse is not enough, the mini travel speakers provide a high-quality audio experience. With a cable that plugs straight into any standard earphone socket, it is perfect for MP3 or CD players. These small stereo speakers easily fold, making an ideal portable speaker to carry around.

Even digital cameras take the form of binoculars for ease in handling. Digital camera binoculars boast of its 3.2 megapixel feature and optical lenses that zooms in eight various sizes. With an easy black rubber grip, digital pictures can easily be captured even when moving.

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Meanwhile, the next generation JVC camcorder can record video directly to its internal hard drive, rendering recording materials like tapes and DVD’s out of the scene. With a 30-GB Hard Drive, the JVC Camcorder has 37 hours of video recording capacity through high-quality MPEG-2 video recording with Dolby Digital audio format.

Weighing less than a pound, this latest JVC camcorder fits in the palm. It includes a 2.5-inch flip-out 112k-pixel LCD monitor, built-in memory card expansion slot, remote control, and even a video editing software to further enhance video recording.

Meanwhile, the Projector Keyboard, about half the size of an average deck of cards, sits wirelessly on any flat surface and projects a red standard QWERTY-layout keyboard. Using cutting edge technology, it detects finger movements that hit certain key locations, and sends the keystroke codes to a computer via Bluetooth. The gadget’s red keyboard layout is highly visible even in strong light. It eases keyboard use by faster transfer on keystrokes and it is highly portable as well.

The 2006 technological trend is a big leap for gadget producers. And in 2008, the planned ATM card-sized cellphones will enter the market scene, along with fireplaces hung on walls and enhanced Bluetooth gaming devices. Laurence John R. Morales with reports from


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