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Tag: May 4, 2005

A battle for the ages

A person only lasts a lifetime, but a story remains forever.

And one story that has withstood time is Miguel de Cervantes’ four-century old tale, Don Quixote de la Mancha. Its first part was published in 1605 and has been considered as the first modern novel, amusing and entertaining readers—conquering Europe, and eventually, the rest of the world.

A Cavalier’s tale

UST Singers embark on 11th international tour

AFTER 10 successful international tours, the UST Singers are not about to rest on their laurels. Journey On, their 11th international concert tour, will see the UST Singers once more celebrating their musical artistry for two months in South Korea and in the US, starting on April 15.

A sanctuary within a sanctuary

The lush green surroundings make finding it like stumbling upon a cozy little bistro in the heart of Mary’s secret garden.

Located at The Orchidarium and Butterfly Pavilion in Rizal Park, Lush Life Garden Bistro is a haven for those with refined tastes. Opened in December 2000, the bistro is an eclectic mix of the various influences of the owners, Maricel Ibañez, Jess Valencia, Marty Mabanta, Lina Romasanta of Gourmet’s Café, and Apo Hiking Society’s Jim Paredes.

Daring on a whole new level

HOW FAR would you go for a dare? Taking a pee in front of a school headmaster or saying “no” on a wedding vow?

Love Me if You Dare (Jeux d’enfants) is story of game and love between Julien (Guillame Canet) and Sophie (Marion Cotillhard). As childhood sweethearts, they develop a “daring” game which involves a tin can with a carousel design from Julien’s dying mother. The deal: whoever possesses the small carousel can can dare the other; and if the other meets the dare, he/she can get even.


“A wise man makes a glad father, but a foolish man despises his mother.” - Proverbs 15:20

TWENTY FOUR is the number of hours in a day. And my mother watched the slow ticking of the clock for 24 years before she realized it was a bomb waiting to explode.

My mother married a man she never loved. She packed his lunch and ironed his clothes every day, like a good wife should. But in those 24 years, she was just an object to an unappreciative man obsessed with sex.

Sister Selkie smidgets

SISSONE (see-SAWN) – named after the originator of the step. A jump from both feet onto one foot with the exception of sissonne fermée, sissonne tombée and sissonne fondue, which finish on two feet. Sissonne may be performed petite at 45 degrees, or grande at 90 degrees.


Pope John Paul II’s death last April 2 sparked several events which I found difficult to ignore:

The return of the ring

WHEN couples take the oath to be together, to have and to hold from this day forward, for better or for worse, in sickness and in health, till death do us part, they consent to what they expect marriage will be. These words go beyond the lips of cult and culture, for every love song echoes the same longing for a sealed love—a long and lasting love.

Aral mula sa nakalipas?

ISANG taon na naman ang nadagdag sa edad ko.

At sa bawat araw na dumating, tila natatakot akong idilat ang mga mata. Marahil mahirap ngang bitiwan ang nagpupumiglas na kabataan lalo nat maraming masasayang bagay ang naranasan sa mga nakaraang taon.

Ayon sa lola ko, kaantabay ng pagtanda ang karagdagang responsibilidad sa buhay. Pilit ko mang ipikit ang mga mata, nararamdaman ko pa rin ang mga salitang iyon na nagsusumiksik sa isipan.

For better or for worse


A few weeks ago, the Supreme Court came out with a resolution, to dismiss the election protest case of the late 2004 presidential candidate Fernando Poe Jr. As expected, his bereaved wife, Susan Roces, cried foul over the Supreme Court junking her motion to substitute for FPJ in the Presidential Electoral Tribunal case.

Subsequently, Roces accused the Supreme Court justices of bias and of playing to the tune of the President Macapagal-Arroyo’s political harp.

What a brazen display of arrogance and ignorance!

Cut Benedict XVI some leash

ONE CAN tell by everything going on in the ecclesial world that John Paul II is still very much with us, not bodily, but through his teachings—his staunch advocacy for the cause of human dignity, and his equally relentless protection of the so-called core Catholic values against incessant nibbling by “more modern, more liberal” thinking—thanks largely to the election of Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger as the new pope, Benedict XVI.