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3 UST scientists recognized for outstanding researches

FOUR Thomasian scientists are leading in their respective fields, with researches on chemical and biological sensors, gene silencing, taxonomy and plant barcoding now making leaps in the scientific community.

The Chemical Sensor and Biosensor group of the Research Center of Natural and Applied Sciences (RCNAS) established by Fortunato Sevilla III has published at least 85 papers in international journals, which led to several international partnerships, and brought a number of recognitions to the University.

“We [UST] pioneered chemical sensor research in the Philippines,” Sevilla told the Varsitarian.

UST Singers reigns in Florence

WORLD-RENOWNED UST Singers reigned supreme in the 4th Florence International Choir Festival, bagging the overall best choir award and bringing home the grand prix, the Golden David Trophy.

The 32-member chorale bested 14 ensembles from various countries such as Armenia, Bulgaria, China, England, Estonia, Hong Kong and Italy in the competition held last July 22 to 25 in Florence, Italy.

The UST Singers emerged as first-prize winners in the Mixed Choirs Adult Category, Pop, Folk, Gospel and Barbershop Ensembles Category, Sacred Music Category, and Modern and Contemporary Music Category.

Roberto Tagalog, group's baritone specialist and College of Science alumnus, won as Best Male Soloist for his part in “Gabag-an” by Ruben Federizon.

Brillante Mendoza tackles ‘Yolanda’ aftermath in ‘Taklub’

TACKLING the aftermath of super-typhoon “Yolanda/ Haiyan” in Tacloban City, Cannes best director and UST fine arts alumnus Brillante Mendoza has come up with a poignant semi-documentary fictional tale of survival and recovery in “Taklub,” which opened the 11th Cinemalaya Philippine Independent Film Festival at the Cultural Center of the Philippines on Aug. 6.

A glimpse of life behind the camera

WITH his wit and attitude, multi-awarded filmmaker Rommel “Milo” Tolentino, who released his most recent short film titled “Nenok” in this year’s Cinemalaya Festival, never ceases to fascinate his audience.

Tolentino, an independent filmmaker, hopes that viewers would be more aware and appreciative of the eye-awakening experience the local film industry offers.

“The fact that Filipino filmmakers get to make films that they want to do is already a winning predicament to the Philippine cinema. We should celebrate Filipino filmmakers and their films,” Tolentino said in an e-mail interview with the Varsitarian.

A Thomasian, Tolentino says UST has played an important role in the formation of his success.


Saksi ang puso

sa paghulma ng pagkatao ng bawat isa

sa kani-kaniyang kuwento



sa paandap-andap na sulo

na bitbit sa malayong paglalakbay,

munting liwanag na nagbibigay lakas para magpatuloy.


sa tuluyang pagkapundi ng kapirasong

ilaw, pagbagsak sa kawalan

panlulumo, pagkalugmok



sa mga alaala ng pagkabigong nagbabalik,

nambabagabag, nanggugulo,

siyang tumutubong buto ng pagngangalit at pait

Sa huli’y maglalaho ang lahat ng damdamin

sabay ng pagkawalang saysay

ng buhay na minsang nangarap

Towering above Malaysia’s cityscapes

MEET Malaysia-based Thomasian architect Emmanuel “Manny” Canlas.

Manny was one of the architects who designed the iconic Petronas Twin Towers of Malaysia. His works also include parts of the Platinum Park in Kuala Lumpur, Queen’s Bay Complex in Penang and The Istana NurulIman in Brunei Darussalam.

Manny said joining the industry was not a piece of cake.

“Being a Thomasian architect always makes me feel I have the edge. I cannot explain that in technical details, but just the feeling of it,” he said.

“I’m very proud to be a Thomasian as I know, there was something special about being one.”

Looking back

Manny grew up in an artistically-inclined family. Painting was his first love, he said.

Thomasian co-director of acclaimed animated film comes home

DISNEY Pixar’s newest crowd-puller, Inside Out, tells the story of an 11-year-old girl named Riley, who is coping with the changes brought by moving to a new city.

Her emotions come to life quite literally as Joy, Sadness, Fear, Disgust, and Anger, who alternately take charge of her subconscious via control consoles.

Thanks to a UST graduate, we, and the rest of the world, now enjoy young Riley's journey on screen.

Ronaldo “Ronnie” Del Carmen, a UST Fine Arts graduate, made his own name in the animation industry as part of the story team on a number of Pixar Animation Studios film, such as the Finding Nemo, Ratatouille, Up and now the Inside Out, which he co-directed.

Traversing the path of science

TWO UST academicians are flying to Europe for prestigious scholarship grants.

After years of hard work and dedication in the field of research and education, Peter Emmanuel A. Mara, a faculty member at the Department of Philosophy, and Daniel D. Vicario, an assistant professor at the Department of Mathematics and Physics, are the only Southeast Asians to receive the prestigious Master Erasmus Mundus Europhilosophie and Erasmus Mundus Joint Doctorate Program for Experimental Physics by the European Union, respectively.

Deeply humbled by this scholarship grant, they believe that the program will not only guarantee the acquirement of higher degree, but would also pave the way in strengthening academic linkages between European universities and UST.


No one understood

why he indulged in the agony of

the pen, as he dragged it

across the ghostly sheet,

and spewed out emotion

line per line.


Once the verses had been finished,

came the

torture—to be corrected and

freed from error

by the master—

verses, slashed open with

every mistake,

until they bled scarlet, with the promise

of being better.


No one understood

his masochistic endearment

to punishment and healing,

why he took delight in the vicious cycle

he had to live with.

To others, he had gone mad

Order of Preachers celebrates Feast of St. Dominic

FILIPINO Dominicans marked the solemnity of their spiritual father St. Dominic de Guzman last Aug. 8, as they looked forward to marking the 800th anniversary of the foundation of the Dominican Order in 2016.

Holy Masses were held at Santo Domingo Church in Quezon City, headquarters of the Dominican Province of the Philippines, as well as at the Pontifical University of Santo Tomas and Colegio de San Juan de Letran de Manila, two important Dominican centers of higher learning.

At the massive shrine of Santo Domingo, Franciscans led the Eucharistic celebration, following a tradition among Dominicans and Franciscans that the leaders of each mendicant order preside over the commemoration of the feast of the founder of the other order.