Prayer needed in spiritual battle, Cabading tells Thomasians

FILE—Fr. Winston Cabading, O.P. (Photo by Miah Terenz Provido)

PRAYER is the most important weapon in spiritual warfare against the “evil one.”

This was the reminder of College of Education Regent Fr. Winston Cabading, O.P., in a symposium on spiritual warfare at the conference hall of the UST Miguel de Benavides Library on Oct. 27.

“Let us ask our Blessed Mother to help us. As we pray, ask the Blessed Mother to be with us. We pray to seal [our] place from any manner of contamination from the evil one,” he said.

Cabading, an exorcist, said prayer is the strongest weapon to any spiritual battle, including “deception and demonic trickery.”

“Do not too much be entangled with the devil. Remember you are all destined for heaven and that is what you should aspire for. The ways of God and prayers are the strongest,” he said.

“Even in the moments when we are most down and evil seems to triumph, God is still able to bring out good out of that evil,” Cabading added.

He also emphasized the role of guardian angels in protecting mankind.

[They] see to it that God’s plan for you, which is to go to heaven, happens. [T]hey protect your body and they protect your soul to see to it that you will enter God’s kingdom. But they cannot do it if you do not want to. If you do not talk to them, they cannot do anything,” he said.

The event, titled “PAXUSAPAN: On Angels, Demons, and Spiritual Warfare,” was organized by the University’s student religious arm, Pax Romana of the Faculty of Arts and Letters.


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