Tagle hits ‘boastful, violent leaders’ on Palm Sunday

Manila Archbishop Luis Antonio Cardinal Tagle leads the Palm Sunday celebration at the Manila Cathedral on March 25. Photo by Miah Terenz Provido

MANILA Archbishop Luis Antonio Cardinal Tagle urged leaders to be understanding of the plight of the poor and be in solidarity with them, as he led Palm Sunday rites at the Manila Cathedral to mark the start of the Holy Week.

Tagle said true leaders were humble, understanding and always willing to unite with the poor.

“Sa mundo natin ngayon, namamayagpag ang mga haring puno ng kayabangan, kapos sa kapakumbabaan. Sa panahon natin ngayon, kay dami raming sumusunod sa mga hari na ang ginagamit ay dahas, armas, pananakot. Kapos na kapos sa pangunawa at pakikiisa sa mga mahihina,” he said in his homily.

The cardinal urged leaders to take concrete actions to understand the real situation of the people, particularly the marginalized and oppressed, drawing a parallel with Christ, the Son of God who became man.

“The serene dignity and silence of a person who trusts in God and do this in full solidarity with sinful humanity, that is true authority. That is our true King. That is the King that will save the world,” he said in his homily.

Condemning the use of weapons and ruthless killings, Tagle urged authorities to adhere to God’s concept of justice.

“Ang Hari natin hindi nagtitiwala sa dahas, hindi nagtitiwala sa armas. Hindi nagtitiwala sa tabak, hindi nagtitiwala sa bala at baril. Nagtitiwala ang Hari natin sa Diyos. At basta’t ako’y inosente sa mata ng Diyos wala na akong hahanapin pa. Sa Diyos ang lakas ang kapangyarihan,” Tagle said.

Fr. Jannel Abogado, O.P., coordinator of regents of studies for the Asia-Pacific region of the Order of Preachers, likewise stressed sympathy with the poor as a a “true Christian characteristic” in his homily for the Mass at the Santisimo Rosario Parish.

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”[We must] show God that we are willing to participate in his work of redemption by helping others who are weak and in doing so, allowing his presence to be felt by those people who are suffering who are in need of help,” Abogado said.

Abogado highlighted the importance of humility in emulating God in one’s daily life.

“God is at work in us when we humble ourselves. And when [we] acknowledge our faults, acknowledge that we did things that offended God, that is also an occasion of humility,” he added.

As a concrete act of compassion, the Archdiocese of Manila, celebrated Alay Kapwa Sunday. Collections from the past Sundays of the Lenten season were donated to Caritas Manila’s Damayan Relief Assistance Fund.


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