(Fr. Jowel Agas and Chrisma Bangaoil. Photo grabbed from Pontifical University of the Holy Cross official website.)

A faculty member received the first Program of Church Management (PCM) Capstone Project Award 2020 in Rome last July 20 for an outreach program for the poor in Mindanao.

Chrisma Bangaoil and Fr. Joel Agad launched the program titled “Love for the Poor” in 2014, seeking a holistic approach in providing catechism, outreach and the sacraments to recipient communities.

It started with only Bangaoil, her daughter Karen and Father Agad. The project drew attention a year later, when people saw their post on social media and offered to help.
Among the recipient communities are the Subanen people in the Diocese of Dipolog in Zambaonga del Norte.

“[D]oing missionary work is difficult but fun, [and] it’s sustainable because it’s not our mission but the mission of God. [I]t is a daily call for every baptized Christian regardless of the age,” Bangoil said in an interview with the Varsitarian.

The award was given by The Markets, Culture and Ethics Research Center under PCM. The center is part of the Pontificia Università della Santa Croce (Pontifical University of the Holy Cross).

According to its website, the PCM is a “course of formation for priests, lay persons, and members of religious orders who work for the Church in economic and administrative capacities.”

Bangaoil, a former adviser and editor of the Varsitarian, teaches at the Faculty of Philosophy and the Faculty of Arts and Letters. She is pursuing a licentiate in canon law in UST.